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The Wayanad Trip

It was a dark winter night. A group of enthusiastic guys and girls assembled before their office to set off on a two day trip. The destination was Wayanad, in God's Own Country - Kerala. It was a sixteen member group - nine guys, six girls and an eight-year old.

A twenty one seater Swaraj Mazda mini-bus was ready for departure. At the stroke of eleven, when the mercury was attempting to drop to the same value, it left the office. Unlike typical project releases, this was on-time - there being no later-comers. In fact there was one ready for travel in the morning itself, having come to work, along with his luggage.

The bus stopped before a temple on Mysore Road. The street and the temple were unlit. Lemons were placed before the wheels of the van and the resident priest (designate) chanted appropriate verses to get the Almighty's backing for the trip.

As the bus cleared the city and embarked on the Bangalore-Mysore Road, it became evident that it was not going too fast. An …