A Blackout Day

It was Sunday - a day to catch up with TV, watch a movie, do the laundry - all of which need electricity. This was the Sunday, BESCOM (Bangalore Electric Supply Company?) scheduled a power down. This was announced in the day's newspaper - from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Electricity was there at 8.30 AM and I thought this was our lucky day. Not for long. Power failed at 8.45 AM. No TV. No washing machine. No mixie.

It was time to use the FM and MP3 feature in our mobile phones and listen to music.

5 PM came and left. 6 PM. No sign of current.

It was finally 9.30 PM when the power was restored.

Made one realize, what's life without power!


  1. These BESCOM imbeciles are imposing load sheddings on weekends. Unless the people of the area rise in protest, nothing is going to change.


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