I received a letter from LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) of India stating one of my policies has lapsed due to non-payment of premium. From 2005 May, I had given an ECS (Electronic Clearance System) mandate for all my LIC premiums. The whole idea of ECS is for the individual to not keep track of the premium dates and having to manually pay the same.

So what went wrong? I looked back at my policies and premiums paid and discovered to my horror that there were two policies for which ECS debit had not been made at the scheduled date.

To make it worse, the information about my policies in the LIC portal ( was also incomplete/incorrect!

So, off I went, on a Saturday morning to the LIC Branch where I had my premium. I met one of their officers,w ho made a startling statement.

"Stop ECS. That is what I am recommending to all. You are not the first person to come with this complaint".

"But ECS works fine for BSNL/BESCOM", said I.

"Well! unfortunately not in LIC. There are multiple parties involved - the ECS cell, the Banks, the various service branches. They don't work in tandem"!

So that was it! My policies had been taken in Bombay. I had transferred the service branch to Bangalore. But that was not reflected in the system. So were some of the premium payments for the same reason.

Hopefully these things will now be sorted out having met LIC officer personally and given all necessary information.