Madiwala One-way rule change

I was surprised this Monday morning to see a huge pile-up of vehicles just after St. John's signal (next to Central Public Works Department), going towards Madiwala checkpost and beyond. The reason - the one way rule on Hosur Road had changed. The road had become two-way. Not only that, access to a a couple of side roads which most vehicles took to short circuit the signal near the Masjid had been blocked. It took 10 minutes to cross the signal (being on a 2 wheeler). The traffic was chaotic to say the least, most of them unaware and unsure of what was happening and where to go.

I was caught in the same signal this morning (Wednesday). I hope this is an experimental move and not something which the police wants to make permanent. If so, it is going to add at least 10 more minutes to my already long drive from home to work.

As I was waiting in the signal, another motorist remarked. "A new police commissioner comes. He changes some of the rules made by the earlier commissioner. The people have to suffer".

It is time I explored a different route to office bypassing this bottleneck.

Updated: 26 Nov 2007.

Good sense prevailed. The rule change got reverse (or reverted) on Friday, thus saving me 10 minutes of waiting time in that junction. Kudos to the Police Dept.