Mystery of the Missing Credit Card

I had used my credit card to purchase some items from this shop on Sunday morning. I was in a hurry to return, there being work to do at home. I had signed the charge slip (in fact, had some difficulty in signing since the slip had to be signed on the glass table top). I had the receipts for the purchase as well.

I came home. Left my wallet in my usual place. Some time later, I needed to replace an item which I had purchased from the shop. I went back and made the necessary alteration (and in fact, got a Rs.5/- cash back in adjustments).

So far so good.

There was no power the whole day (refer to my earlier post). Finally, when it got restored, I decided to pay our mobile bill. Logged into the provider portal. It was time to enter the credit card information.

I took out my wallet and took out the card. Or rather, attempted to take it out. Where was the card? It was not in my wallet. I looked in the drawer. It wasn't there. Looked in my jeans pockets. No luck. Where could it be? I went down and looked into the car to see if it had dropped somewhere there. No luck again!

I concluded that it was not in my possession.

What do I do now? When I last used the card, it was early in the morning. It was almost 12 hours since then. If I had lost in somewhere, there was a possibility someone had "mis"used it by now.

I logged into my bank portal and checked my credit card balance. There was no purchase on the card since my last one. This meant many things. a) The card was not "lost" b) The card was lost, but in the possession of someone who had not used it.

The logic next step would have been to cancel the card by calling up the card helpline.

But there was a catch. The card had some standing debit instructions. This would need to be redone. Also, I saw from the card website that I needed to register an FIR (First Information Report) that my card was lost/stolen.

I was having the faint feeling that I had not got the card back from the shop where I had done the purchase. This feeling kept intensifying. There was no way to check this out since the shop had closed long back and I did not have the contact number of the proprietor or any one in the shop.

It was a tough decision to make. To wait and risk the possibility of a misuse or complain and then discover that the card was safe with the shopkeeper.

It was close to 11 PM and shops would have closed. The only possible misuse then would be internet transaction. I decided to take a chance and wait until I checked with the shop before reporting on the card.

I woke up the next morning and checked my card balance again. Looked ok! Big relief.

Started calling the shop from 8.30 AM until someone finally picked it up at 9.30.

"Good morning. I had come yesterday to your shop and made some purchase by credit card. Is there any chance that I left my card there?"

"We have card".

"I mean, do you have my card - the one with the blue colour?"

"Yes, we have your card. You can come and get it".

Whew! what a relief. I immediately went to the shop. The shop employee was not prepared to give the card to me. I showed him my driving license. He called the proprietor and got him after three tries. Finally I got the card back.

Thus was solved the mystery of the missing card.