OSO - oh, so oppressing

Finally got around to seeing Om Shanti Om - the new Shah Rukh Khan movie.

In case you haven't seen it or haven't read the reviews, here it is.

It is 70s. Shah Rukh Khan is Om, a junior artiste, dreaming of Shanti (Deepika Padukone) who is the superstar of the time. He saves Shanti from a fire in the set for a movie produced by rising producer, played by Arjun Rampal. There is a one-side romance and some attempts at comedy involving Om and Shreyas Talpade. We witness some "twist" and Om is killed, attempting to repeat his heroics (of saving Shanti, of course).

Conveniently, a child is born to the current super star (Rajesh Kapoor - Rajesh Khanna + Rishi Kapoor ?) at the exact same time of Om's death. No guesses on whose body does Om's soul get into.

Om's now OK (Om Kapoor) and a superstar thanks to his father (a dig at celebrity families).

He gets vision whenever exposed to fire and in no time figures out his past life. He is reunited with his mom (Kiron Kher) and Shreyas and is now intent on taking revenge on the killer of Shanti through an elaborate plot. Conveniently enough a Shanti lookalike (called Sandy), from Bangalore comes around.

At two and a half hours, the movie is too long and boring. Since the primary plot is taken from "Chances are", there is lack of originality as well. As for enacting various movie stars, this could be made into a comedy show (as seen in popular sitcoms).

The saving grace as far as I could see are the songs (which are better listened to than seen).

Deepika is pretty with her dimples and all - so Priety (Zinta) has a rival now! There is too much of fire (literally) in the movie.

I thought Main Hoon Na was much better. This one is all hype and no substance. Product placements are so blatant that it is awful - Tag Heur, Maybelline to say a few.