Restaurant and parking

Dhamu had a dual celebration - a new car and his birthday. We decided to celebrate with a lunch at Maharaja's in Koramangala (near Sony World). Dhamu took us to the restaurant in his new car. We reached the restaurant in moderate traffic.

"Where do we park", we ask the "security guard" (if one may call him so) of the restaurant.
"Oh, just put it next to that pole over there".

Pole? Over there? What about the restaurant parking. None exists.

Dhamu carried his traffic violation ticket of the previous day with him - for a "no parking" in Dickenson Road!

But did we have a choice? How many restaurants in Bangalore have their own parking?

This also reminds me of an incident a few months back, when we went to Ebony Restaurant in M G Road (before the Metro work started). I was in my two wheeler as usual and drove up to the parking gate.

"No entry for two wheelers"
"I am going to Ebony Restaurant and need parking"
"No parking for two wheelers".

So I guess Ebony does not care for two wheeler customers to their restaurant.

Anyway, we did have the lunch at Maharaja and came out and saw our car was still in place. And no traffic violation ticket either.

All's well that ends well!