The World in my pocket

It must be around 15 years since I read a James Hadley Chase novel. When I was young (in my school) and heavily influenced by my older cousins, Chase novels were a staple diet. They were available in the public library and I would finish a couple of them over the weekend.

Chase had an interesting style of writing. His novels are short (around 200 pages) and fast-paced. Some of them are in first-person. The characters in his novel are not clear cut heroes or villains. They are essentially forced by circumstances to be what they are.

Recently, I came across some Chase books while browsing Landmark. One identifying mark of a Chase book used to be a provocative dressed girl in the cover. This was no longer the case now.

I picked up "The World in my pocket" after reading the synopsis in the back cover.

It is about the attempt to rob a truck carrying a million dollars. A gang of four with a lady accomplice plot this daredavil robbery. The interplay between the gang members, how they are influenced by the presence of a lady in their midst are very well brought out by the author.

Written in 1940s (or 50s) the book is quite readable even now.

There is a hint of inevitability on what will happen in the end, but it is still fun to read.