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The Thiruvannamalai Trip

For sometime we wanted to make a trip which involved a long drive. The New Year weekend offered a good opportunity for this.

For reasons irrelevant here, the chosen place was Thiruvannamalai. This place houses the famous temple of Lord Arunachaleswar. In addition, the place is also noted for Ramana Maharishi Ashram.

(Trivia: There are two Rajini movies/songs associated with this place. "Malai koil vasalil karthikai deepam..." song from the movie "Veera". "Athanda ethanda Arunachalam nan than da" from the movie "Arunachalam".)

Well! we are digressing, aren't we. The first thing was to figure out the route. MapMyIndia seemed to offer the best results for my query. It stated a distance of 205 km from my home - entirely covered by National Highway (NH 7 to Krishnagiri and from there NH 66). For some reason, it also said that the driving time was approximately 7.5 hours, which seemed too large for that distance, especially since it was n…

Jab We Met

Finally got the Mauser Baer DVD of this movie - one of the successful 2007 Hindi movies. The movie was in the limelight also for the wrong reasons - the break up of Kareena and Shahid.

The theme is refreshing - girl meets boy in the train. The boy is dull, downcast, passive. The girl is a contrast - cheerful, chatty and nosey. The girl can't understand why some one should not enjoy life. In the process, they miss the train. The boy accompanies the girl all the way to her home. The girl has planned to run away and get married and when she disappears, the connections are inevitably made - that she has run away with this boy, who came to drop her.

The boy is influenced by the girl and turns a new leaf. He is now successful, cheerful and joyful. He is happy for the girl, whom he thinks is now married and happily settled.

The movie takes a turn when the girl's family comes to him and demands to see the girl. Things are not so happy after all.

What follows next forms the rest o…

Australian batting

The Gavaskar-Border Trophy Test Series between India and Australia started with the 1st test in Melbourne on Boxing Day (26th Dec).

As I write this, the 3rd day's play is on, and Australia are 260/5 in their 2nd innings, leading India by 400 odd runs.

Having watched both the Australian and India batting, the first thing that strikes me (or any one for that matter) is the attitude and approach. Australian batsmen come to the crease and bat for runs - runs, runs and only runs - nothing else. They look for the slightest opportunity for taking runs - whether it is singles, converting singles to twos or running threes and fours. Very rarely are balls left to the keeper. This is not just the feature of one batsman, but all the batsmen. Loss of wickets does not change this attitude.

I got up early yesterday (27 Dec) to watch the Indian batting. It was a study in contrast. Dravid took around 50 balls to get off the mark - that too after he got a couple of lives (a dropped catch and …

Cheating in Petrol Bunk

The other day, my two wheeler was in Reserve and I stopped over at the Bunk near my home (Thippasandra Bunk, opposite Kanti Sweets) to fill it. I occasionally fill petrol from this bunk.

I clearly stated that I needed Rs.150/- worth petrol and opened my tank. There were three guys standing near the petrol dispenser. This should itself have aroused my suspicion that something was amiss. As one of the guys fitted the nozzle and pressed the start, another guy on my right asked "Sir, do you have 2 Rupees?"

I turned to him, "Why?"

"So that we can fill you 3 litres round?"

By the time I turned back, the indicator was showing 50/- "I said Rs.150/-." "Oh, let us fill Rs.100/- more". Rs.100/- more worth of fuel was filled.

Only once I started my vehicle and it had run for a minute that I realised totally only Rs.100/- worth of fuel had been filled. The first Rs.50/- was a sham - somehow the indicator had magically changed to Rs.50/- while I…

The RTO visit

My experience with RTO has not been flattering. The only times I have gone there have been
a) to get my Learners' Licence
b) to do my 4 wheeler Driving Test
c) to do my 2 wheeler Driving Test
d) get my computerised driving license
e) get a duplicate of my license when I lost my original

All of these have also been through Driving School, which meant I was oblivious of the rules, regulations, forms and procedures.

So, when a requirement came up to Transfer the Ownership of my vehicle, it was alarming, to say the least!

In an inspired moment, I googled for RTO Bangalore and hit this site - I could not believe myself. This is the site of Department of Transport, Government of Karnataka. It has a wealth of information, from applying for a Learner's License to obtaining a fitness certificate for a transport vehicle. The site is well organized. It is in both English and Kannada, though the latter does not show up correctly in Firefox.

From the site, I could easil…