Cheating in Petrol Bunk

The other day, my two wheeler was in Reserve and I stopped over at the Bunk near my home (Thippasandra Bunk, opposite Kanti Sweets) to fill it. I occasionally fill petrol from this bunk.

I clearly stated that I needed Rs.150/- worth petrol and opened my tank. There were three guys standing near the petrol dispenser. This should itself have aroused my suspicion that something was amiss. As one of the guys fitted the nozzle and pressed the start, another guy on my right asked "Sir, do you have 2 Rupees?"

I turned to him, "Why?"

"So that we can fill you 3 litres round?"

By the time I turned back, the indicator was showing 50/- "I said Rs.150/-." "Oh, let us fill Rs.100/- more". Rs.100/- more worth of fuel was filled.

Only once I started my vehicle and it had run for a minute that I realised totally only Rs.100/- worth of fuel had been filled. The first Rs.50/- was a sham - somehow the indicator had magically changed to Rs.50/- while I turned right to talk to the guy - in 5 seconds!

Obviously, there is no way I could have proved this.

So the moral of the story is - be very attentive when filling petrol. No looking left/right. No entertaining any distraction.

I am kicking myself for falling for this - and not for the first time!

For my car, I only go to Shell (in Old Madras Road) these days - even it means a 5 km ride away from my home. Maybe, I should start doing this for my two wheeler as well!


  1. Why not vehicle manufacturer provide some built in instrument/device which displays the weight so that liter could be converted and we will be sure that we are getting the petrol what we paid for..


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