Jab We Met

Finally got the Mauser Baer DVD of this movie - one of the successful 2007 Hindi movies. The movie was in the limelight also for the wrong reasons - the break up of Kareena and Shahid.

The theme is refreshing - girl meets boy in the train. The boy is dull, downcast, passive. The girl is a contrast - cheerful, chatty and nosey. The girl can't understand why some one should not enjoy life. In the process, they miss the train. The boy accompanies the girl all the way to her home. The girl has planned to run away and get married and when she disappears, the connections are inevitably made - that she has run away with this boy, who came to drop her.

The boy is influenced by the girl and turns a new leaf. He is now successful, cheerful and joyful. He is happy for the girl, whom he thinks is now married and happily settled.

The movie takes a turn when the girl's family comes to him and demands to see the girl. Things are not so happy after all.

What follows next forms the rest of the story.

There are one too many songs though they are generally melodious. The ending is protracted and could have been easily shortened. One could sense the Dilwale Dulhaniya type of "dragging".

Both the lead actors are impressive in their roles. The supporting characters have no role whatsoever. The narration is straightforward. No digression.

All in all, an enjoyable movie and worth a watch.