The RTO visit

My experience with RTO has not been flattering. The only times I have gone there have been
a) to get my Learners' Licence
b) to do my 4 wheeler Driving Test
c) to do my 2 wheeler Driving Test
d) get my computerised driving license
e) get a duplicate of my license when I lost my original

All of these have also been through Driving School, which meant I was oblivious of the rules, regulations, forms and procedures.

So, when a requirement came up to Transfer the Ownership of my vehicle, it was alarming, to say the least!

In an inspired moment, I googled for RTO Bangalore and hit this site - I could not believe myself. This is the site of Department of Transport, Government of Karnataka. It has a wealth of information, from applying for a Learner's License to obtaining a fitness certificate for a transport vehicle. The site is well organized. It is in both English and Kannada, though the latter does not show up correctly in Firefox.

From the site, I could easily get the procedure for Transfer of Ownership in various case - within the same RTO, between RTOs within Karnataka, and between RTOs across State. The relevant forms (in my case Form 29 and 30) were available for download (in pdf format). I have never seen English forms available in RTO - you needed to purchase them from nearby shops, if indeed you were lucky and they were available.

The fee details were mentioned, even the people to be met were specified.

Armed with this information, I made the trip to RTO, Bangalore East (BDA Complex, Indira Nagar) last Saturday. It was quite crowded (it being a Saturday). There was a long queue for getting the "challans" - essentially fee payment for various services.

Since cash was being accepted in multiple counters, it was a little confusing on where to stand. Also, it being Saturday, 12 noon was the cash counter closing time. After standing for a while in one counter, I was asked by the cashier to go the counter in Hall 8. It was close to 12 and I was fortunate to be one of the last people whose fees was accepted.

The billing is fully computerised, which means information is very clear and readable. I had to pay a fee of Rs.105/-. Armed with the receipt and other necessary info, we had to meet a clerk in the counter. He took less than a minute to verify that we had the necessary forms and supporting documents and asked us to get it approved by the Assitant RTO. This took another minute and we had to give the "approved" forms to the "Inward Section", from where we got a receipt.

I could collect the updated RC book on Tuesday afternoon.

I had heard from friends about people who have paid Rs.2,500/- to get this done through agents. I am hoping that this write-up will inspire some of you to do it on your own - which I believe is exactly what Dept of Transports wants us to do.


  1. Thanks a lot for this information.
    Even I wanted to do a transfer of ownership and I did not want to contact any agent.

    I realized this when I wanted to renew my learners license. The agents charged me Rs250/- for no reason. I fortunately did not pay it and I went to the RTO myself and got it renewed for Rs 30/- and in 3-45 min and without having to take the test.
    So people dont encourage agents. Do it yourself, by which you will learn and also save money, plus you would be able to guide others in this regard.


  2. I agree with the poster that is indeed a very informative website. Personally, I had used it for couple of purposes and found it rewarding.


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