Alternate endings to Veer Zaara

Last weekend I ended up watching the movie Veer Zaara which played in one of the Hindi satellite channels. Whether it was a commercial success or not, I found the plot too hard to digest. The presentation was too slow for my comfort and I have never liked 60+ singers singing for 30- heroines. My better half loves such romantic movies and thus I had no choice but to sit through, while constantly commenting about this and that.

For those who haven't seen the movie, the plot is as follows. Indian Air Force pilot (hero) meets a Pakistani girl (heroine) who is on an Indian visit and falls in love. He goes to Pakistan to ask her hand in marriage. Her alliance has been arranged with a Pakistani (villain), who promptly gets hero arrested as an Indian spy. The only way to get a release is by revealing his romance, which he doesn't - to protect her "izzat". He languishes in Pak jail. The bus in which he was returning to India (before he was arrested) has an accident and all are killed. Our hero is presumed dead.

What happens to heroine and how the hero gets out of the jail helped by a lady lawyer (heroine 2) forms the rest of the movie.

I thought a good way to enjoy the movie was to conjure up some alternate endings.

1. The hero is released from jail and immediately has a heart attack and dies. (Sad ending). The heroine is "heart broken" and dies too.
2. The hero takes one look at the aged heroine and has a change of heart. Once released and in the company of the heroine and heroine 2, he takes the latters hand
3. Heroine 2 goes to India in search of the hero's parents. She is caught by Indian security and imprisoned as a Pakistani spy.
4. Hero's dad doesn't die. Instead he embarks on a mission to extract revenge for his (presumably) dead son. He gets help from "guest actor" Sunny Deol, who is familiar with Pak (from "Hero" days).
5. Hero is released and as he comes out, there is a suicide bomber attack on the Pak court.

Feel free to share other endings in your comments...