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Railway Budget 2008

I would have liked to see two things in the Indian Railway budget presented two days back (26 Feb 2008).

One is a reduction in the service charge for e-ticket. Currently there is a service charge of Rs.15/- to Rs.25/- for every e-ticket booked. If you look at the cost for Railways on account of this, it is zero. With the increasing use of e-tickets, Railways is getting extra money on the ticket for nothing.

In many countries, online booking is cheaper than counter booking. This is true, even with Airline tickets in India. So why this inconsistency for Railways?

Obviously, this is not "populist". It does not address any "vote bank". No one is interested in this. Hence it has been sidelined.

The other thing, I wanted to see was streamlining of Tatkal charges. Currently, you have to pay the cost for the end to end fare of the train you want to take. In addition, you have to pay Rs.75/- or Rs.150/- based on whether you are travelling during "peak season" o…

The Address Fiasco

"You have a credit card delivery", said my office security personnel. I went down to collect the card. It was from Barclays, who had enticed me with cashback, lifetime free and other interesting offers.

I examined the envelope from the Courier (Fedex) and saw that it had two addresses - my home and office. Apparently they had attempted to deliver to my home address and failing that tried the office. This isn't surprising since no one is at home during week days!

I opened the consignment and looked at the letter enclosed with the card. By accident, I looked at the address in the letter. Imagine my shock, when I saw "Hyderabad".

When applying for the card, you are required to give an address proof (I gave my telephone bill in my case). I stay in Bangalore. How would you feel when you see the address stated as Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh? The PIN had changed from 560075 to 500075!

I am worried about the Bank, which makes so many mistakes with such an important…

Sunday on Sunday

It was a Sunday afternoon. It had been a while since we went to a cinema theatre to watch a movie. The last one had been The Bourne Ultimatum in Inox.

We saw a news item on a new multiplex which had opened in Bangalore. The Fame Cinema (Fame Lido, to be precise). This was closer to our home and more importantly, accessible by public transport.

So, we caught a bus to Lido. It is a pleasure to take the public transport on a Sunday afternoon. The roads are empty, you get seats and above all, no worries on the parking!

Our movie preference was The American Gangster. But the tickets were sold out. So we ended up buying tickets to Sunday, a Hindi movie. At Rs.180/- per ticket (including Rs.50/- entertainment tax), the movie in a multiplex is indeed a very costly proposition to the common man. And to top it all, aided and abetted by the government (who takes the tax).

The movie was still an hour away and we whiled away the time, doing window shopping in the mall.

Rather than pay Rs.40/- …

Firefox plugin - ScribeFire

I came across this new Firefox plugin - "ScribeFire" today. It said a "blog editor/publisher". Why not try it out? Installed it and trying out a blog post using it.

I like Firefox and especially firefox plugins. These are the ones I have currently, in decreasing order of importance
NoScript - a superb plugin to block unwanted scripts and thus speed up page displaysAdblock plus - the ad detector/blockerFilterset.G - which works in conjunction with Adblock plusIETab - a cool plugin which allows you to toggle page display between IE and firefox. Especially useful for my intranet pages, which are IE friendlyDownload status bar - an elegant way to track downloadsPDF download - tool to prevent pdf files from opening in browserUnplug - tool to download videosGmail notifierYahoo Mail notifierDilbert - tool which displays today's dilbert (along with peanut, andy capp, etc.)In addition, I also use the Vista Aero theme.

Well! I'm editing this in ScribeFire editor - let…