The Address Fiasco

"You have a credit card delivery", said my office security personnel. I went down to collect the card. It was from Barclays, who had enticed me with cashback, lifetime free and other interesting offers.

I examined the envelope from the Courier (Fedex) and saw that it had two addresses - my home and office. Apparently they had attempted to deliver to my home address and failing that tried the office. This isn't surprising since no one is at home during week days!

I opened the consignment and looked at the letter enclosed with the card. By accident, I looked at the address in the letter. Imagine my shock, when I saw "Hyderabad".

When applying for the card, you are required to give an address proof (I gave my telephone bill in my case). I stay in Bangalore. How would you feel when you see the address stated as Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh? The PIN had changed from 560075 to 500075!

I am worried about the Bank, which makes so many mistakes with such an important thing as correspondence address. How do I know what they will do with my transactions now!

I have sent a mail to the email specified ( - haven't heard from them yet!