Firefox plugin - ScribeFire

I came across this new Firefox plugin - "ScribeFire" today. It said a "blog editor/publisher". Why not try it out? Installed it and trying out a blog post using it.

I like Firefox and especially firefox plugins. These are the ones I have currently, in decreasing order of importance
  • NoScript - a superb plugin to block unwanted scripts and thus speed up page displays
  • Adblock plus - the ad detector/blocker
  • Filterset.G - which works in conjunction with Adblock plus
  • IETab - a cool plugin which allows you to toggle page display between IE and firefox. Especially useful for my intranet pages, which are IE friendly
  • Download status bar - an elegant way to track downloads
  • PDF download - tool to prevent pdf files from opening in browser
  • Unplug - tool to download videos
  • Gmail notifier
  • Yahoo Mail notifier
  • Dilbert - tool which displays today's dilbert (along with peanut, andy capp, etc.)
In addition, I also use the Vista Aero theme.

Well! I'm editing this in ScribeFire editor - let us see how the publishing works!