Sunday on Sunday

It was a Sunday afternoon. It had been a while since we went to a cinema theatre to watch a movie. The last one had been The Bourne Ultimatum in Inox.

We saw a news item on a new multiplex which had opened in Bangalore. The Fame Cinema (Fame Lido, to be precise). This was closer to our home and more importantly, accessible by public transport.

So, we caught a bus to Lido. It is a pleasure to take the public transport on a Sunday afternoon. The roads are empty, you get seats and above all, no worries on the parking!

Our movie preference was The American Gangster. But the tickets were sold out. So we ended up buying tickets to Sunday, a Hindi movie. At Rs.180/- per ticket (including Rs.50/- entertainment tax), the movie in a multiplex is indeed a very costly proposition to the common man. And to top it all, aided and abetted by the government (who takes the tax).

The movie was still an hour away and we whiled away the time, doing window shopping in the mall.

Rather than pay Rs.40/- for a coffee from Cafe Coffee Day in the premise, we walked across to the nearby Darshini for a tastier Rs.5/- coffee. We also picked up a couple of packets of "Bingo" for the movie.

We came back to the theatre only to see the sign "Outside food not allowed". To add to it, we saw that the staff were opening all bags taken into the theatre - including small handbags.

What better way to solve the problem than to eat the Bingo and then walk in!

We climbed up four storeys to our cinema hall, since there was a crowd for the lift. We saw several food stalls put up. Not to our surprise, the minimum cost of any item in the stalls - whether it be popcorn, or pepsi, or samosa, was Rs.50/- So it was not just the movie which made money, but the food items as well! Atrocious, to say the least!

Anyway, we skipped this and got into the theatre. After the customary ads, a message appeared on the screen. "All arise for the national anthem". This was a special version of "jana gana mana" performed by several leading Indian singers, compered by A R Rahman. It was nice to see every single person in the theatre get up for this.

As for the movie, I had hardened myself after reading the indifferent reviews by Rediff and Times. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised to find it enjoyable. The ending could have been improved, but by and large, it is a good time pass. Instead of the movie being "hero" focussed, most of the characters got to do their bit - especially Arshad Warsi and Irffan Khan. I am not doing the review here. You'll have better luck at Rediff.

The only weird part which stuck me was the reference to the Date Rape Drug, rohypnol. The heroine has apparently been subject to the drug. However, at no point of time, does she go to a doctor to do a physical to see if she has been abused!

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