Upgrading Fedora

I am a linux fan. Of the various linux flavours, I have always used Fedora (and before that Redhat).

I had a chance to set up linux on a spare system at work. It had been more than a year since I needed to do a fresh linux install. I saw that Fedora 8 was the latest version. When I had last installed, it was Fedora Core 6.

I had FC6 CDs - 5 of them. Rather than downloading Fedora 8 or looking for a shop to purchase the same, I thought why not try to install FC6 and upgrade.

I found this site which talked about doing it using yum. Armed with this information, I went ahead and installed FC6.

FC6 install was a breeze (since I had done this a couple of times including in my home PC).

Now came the upgrading part. As the site mentioned, I decided on the two step migration strategy - FC6 to Fedora 7 and Fedora 7 to Fedora 8.

After doing yum update and installing all updates on FC6, I updated fedora-release and fedora-release notes rpm to Fedora 7's.

I did not have the disk label issue since the disks had been labelled as required.

I ran yum update and waited. I ran into a dependency issue with authconfig and python.

I took the easy way out and removed authconfig.

That was enough and yum downloaded all the necessary rpms and began the update.

I faced a few more dependency issue due to the presence of fc6 applications, but by selective erasing and reinstalling, could resolve them.

Upgrade from fc7 to fc8 was similarly done and this time it was much easier, since I was richer from the previous experience.