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The modern EPIC

Evidently, I am not talking about The Ramayana or the Mahabharatha. Nor the epics of other cultures like the Iliad. By EPIC, I am referring to Electors' Photo Identity Card.

With elections in Bangalore around the corner, all the talk is about this EPIC. I was fortunate to get my EPIC a few years back. Me and wife had applied for entry in the electoral rolls together. For some reason (we decided not to press for a CBI enquiry), my entry was present in the rolls and not my wife's. So I got my EPIC.

This time around, her name figured in the electoral rolls. Now, how does one get one's EPIC? Newspapers wrote about this being issued in designated places (typically government schools) - each day at a different place. Since the last time EPICs had been issued was 2-3 years back, these centers witnessed huge queues as also technical glitches. We realised it would take half-a-day of standing in the queue and a large amount of luck to get the EPIC.

The same newspapers wrote about…

Bangalore Airport Experience

Bangalore HAL Airport. 29th April 2008. 10.30 PM

I had to pick up my wife, who was scheduled to arrive by the 10.10 PM flight. She had given me a missed call around 9 PM, indicating flight was ready for take off.

I was before the Bangalore One office close to the Arrival. Having been to the Airport several times before, I knew Parking inside was a nightmare. So, the strategy was to wait till I got a call and then drive in and pick my wife up. I had done this successfully before.

I saw a pile up on the Airport Arrival Road leaving to the Arrival Terminal. Vehicles were queued up right from Airport Road. The right turn into the Airport Arrival Road had been closed - this keeps getting closed and open according to the whims and fancies of the concerned folks!

I hung around on the side of the Airport Road awaiting the missed call, which was not forthcoming. So, I decided to park my car on the roadside and walk up to the Arrival Terminal. This was about 5 min.

I saw the queued up vehicles…

Race the movie

By a curious turn of events, I ended up seeing the Hindi movie "Race" twice. There must be reviews dime a dozen for this movie - this one being one of them. As the reviewer rightly says, too many twists spoil this movie. There are spoilers below and you can skip the rest of this, if you haven't seen the movie and want to enjoy the suspense!

So, the movie is all about the fight between the half-brothers, Saif and Akshaye. Looking back at it, right from the time, he survives a car accident, Saif knows Akshaye is up to no good. So why not settle it then and there, like how he did it for the jockey? That would have reduced the film's run time to 15 minutes! And what role would Bipasha and Katrina have, much less Anil Kapoor and Sameera?

Apparently, it is easy to get the insurance money (especially in case of accident) in South Africa. There is no need for a death certificate. In fact, in case of brothers, if the second one also dies in an accident, the time …