Race the movie

By a curious turn of events, I ended up seeing the Hindi movie "Race" twice. There must be reviews dime a dozen for this movie - this one being one of them. As the reviewer rightly says, too many twists spoil this movie. There are spoilers below and you can skip the rest of this, if you haven't seen the movie and want to enjoy the suspense!

So, the movie is all about the fight between the half-brothers, Saif and Akshaye. Looking back at it, right from the time, he survives a car accident, Saif knows Akshaye is up to no good. So why not settle it then and there, like how he did it for the jockey? That would have reduced the film's run time to 15 minutes! And what role would Bipasha and Katrina have, much less Anil Kapoor and Sameera?

Apparently, it is easy to get the insurance money (especially in case of accident) in South Africa. There is no need for a death certificate. In fact, in case of brothers, if the second one also dies in an accident, the time required to get the money is even less - even if it is $100 million!

Also, marriage certificate application forms are easily available. In the movie, we can observe dates in the certificate which is swapped by Katrina. No identity/age proof of any kind required to get married.

Saif and Bipasha must have rehearsed the push from the terrace of the building. How else does one explain his getting the hold on the ledge and that too for the exact period required for the safety rope to be strung from his belt?

When you give $25 million to charity, you don't ask for receipt. The recipient also does not ask who the donor is.

I also am curious to know exactly how much does Anil Kapoor get? I hear references to $200 million by Saif - that can't be true, since Anil had already pocked $25 million.

Yes, seeing a movie twice has it's side-effects like the above thoughts!