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Dinner at Spagetti Kitchen

A college friend of ours had turned up from US. We decided to gettogether over dinner. The place chosen was Spagetti Kitchen in Lido Mall. Another friend had read "The Hindu" review of the place and found it rated high.

We were in Lido Mall complex around 6.30. The hotel was to open only at 7 PM, but the security at the entrance took our booking for 7.30 PM - a table for 4.

We wandered around the Mall, until 7.40 PM, when we entered the restaurant. I told a waiter that we had a booking and you would want to strike that off the list. He did not appear to understand. The waiter waved us to a bunch of 4 seaters and we took one.

The first thing which stuck was smoke. We realised this was a "smoking" room. We asked, if there was a non-smoking section and were told, there was none.

We wanted to move to a different table, but were told they were "reserved"!

Well! the waiter came over - with no pen or pad or anything. We ordered soups and starter. The waite…