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Pilgrimage - Phase 1

Tue, 16 Sep 2008.

We were in Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station at 6.30 PM, well ahead of the arrival time of Mysore-Mayiladuthurai train. This was the train route (courtesy,, which, by the same, is an awesome site for train information in India).

The train was late (so what's new), and after taking off from Cantonment, spent nearly half an hour in Byappanahalli Station as well! We had packed our dinner and once consumed, hit the sack.

Wed, 17 Sep 2008.

The train must have picked up speed for 5.45 AM found us at Kumbakonam Railway Station. We checked into Hotel Raya's (Annexe 1). The Standard A/c room was so large as to accomodate 2 extra beds, which meant all the four of us could be together.

Breakfast was at the nearby hotel. We had arranged for a car to take us around. The driver Chandramouli (Mouli Taxis) was well informed of the place.

Kumbakonam is a temple town. The plan was to cover a subset of navagraha temples, plus additional temples in the route (or as ti…

The 3 mistakes of my life

Well! just 3? I am not sure. I have not counted.

No, it is not about my life. I got around to reading this new novel by Chetan Bhagat. Hmm! At the time of writing this, this book is not available in Amazon.

The book is similar in style to the author's earlier books - simple, fast-paced and light on the brain!

The setting is Gujarat around 2000-2003. The story has in it, all of India's national pastimes - cricket, religion and politics. What more can you ask for?

There are three friends. The protagonist is a maths wiz kid and a businessman at heart. One of his friend is from the family of temple priests and the third, a cricket-player-turned-coach. The priest friend's mama adds the political connection. There is the sister of the other friend, who adds the romantic part. The extraordinarily talented child prodigy, Ali completes the story with the cricket and religious element.

And what are the three mistakes? That is better read than described. Suffice to say, t…

Onam festivities

Being in Kerala for Onam is a wonderful experience. Since I relocated to Bangalore I have missed Onam festivities. This time I decided I will not let it happen. Though I couldn't make it for Onam itself, I decided to visit a few days prior to it.

Train was the preferred transport. I missed out on the greenery of the route as I had taken the train which reached Ernakulam by 4.30 AM.

It was Friday, 5th Sep 2008. Monsoon had not yet left the State. There was occasional showers, which became torrential rain a few times. Unlike Bangalore though, the effect
of the rain wears off in no time.

People in Kerala, especially ladies always carry umbrellas - whatever the weather be. As my wife's grandfather remarked, it serves unique purposes - for instance, it shields your clothes from water splashing from the puddles on the road, when vehicles drive by!

I was looking forward to savouring palada pradhaman - the traditional Kerala delicacy. I found that this was now being sold like l…