Book Review: Heads You Win

Ban on blogging

Who can say when a blogging idea comes? To me, it usually comes waiting in the Bangalore traffic jams, en route office. You want to blog it when it is fresh in mind. Unfortunately, my company does not think so. Blogging is banned at work and this means, by the time I am home, the idea has become stale.

The other day, as I was leaving to office, I saw the ubiquitous sight of the difficulty faced by a prospective passenger getting an auto rikshaw. As for the jaywalking in Marathahalli signal and surrounding areas, you see an accident in the making every day. The recent tarring of the service roads from Marathahalli leading upto my office is a welcome sight. But not so, the sight of heavy vehicles randomly parked on the sides of the road. Shouldn't there be a rule about company providing parking space to vehicles which ferry their employees to work every day? What ban on smoking in office ("public places") does to the productivity of smoking employees.

Well, there are topics aplenty and hopefully I'll get to some of them before I get new ones.