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Blogging from BIAL

I have 90 minutes to go for my flight. I see that BIAL (Bangalore International Airport Limited) has free wireless internet. All we need to do is SMS to a number and get a password. I say, that's cool.

So what do I right about? I am travelling to US, for the first time via the Pacific. I have always flown Lufthansa earlier, which meant, the Europe route, with the stopover at Frankfurt. This time it is Cathay Pacific with a stopover at Hongkong.

I like Lufthansa since the stopover time is less - 3-4 hours. This one is going to be a pain - 5 hours onwards and about 18 hours on return! Perhaps I'll get to see Hongkong?

The hardest part about the trip is for the body to adjust to the timezone change. The stopovers doesn't help since you really don't know what you should be doing - to sleep, or eat, or brush teeth or so on.

I plan to read Code Book during this trip. I have read this a while back and want to read it again and appreciate!


No, I am not reviewing a movie with this title. Nor am I politely addressing you.

I am actually disgusted these days whenever I make a phone call.

I dial the number. The phone rings. "Hello", comes the voice from the other end.
How in the world am I to figure out whom I am talking to?

If you dial a landline number, you could be talking to any one who picks the call. If it is a home number, it could be any of the family members. If it is office, any one there as well. Even if you dial a specific office extension or a direct line, it is not guaranteed that you know whom you are speaking to by just hearing "Hello".

If the caller recognises me (from the caller id, assuming I am calling from my personal phone), and says "Hello Raghu", it still may not help, unless I recognise the voice.

What I am trying to drive home here is, in India, hardly any one announces himself when he picks the phone. "Hello, this is Raghu", or "Hello, Raj here", an…