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BSNL shifting woes

I had a BSNL landline from Jan 2001. When broadband became popular, I became a BSNL broadband user as well. The bandwidth was good, the downtime was few and there were hardly any complaints - in fact, probably once or twice, which were addressed through calls to 1500, the Call Center number.

So, when I shifted my residence, it was only logical that I shift my existing phone connection, rather than go for a new one. My dad had shifted his BSNL connections in Cochin and it had happened in a day. This should be easy, I thought.

I shifted my residence on Friday, the 13th March 2009. On Saturday, 14th March, I went to BSNL Indira Nagar office to apply for the shift. I saw shamianas put up before the office, with schemes and offers to attract new customers.

"Shifting? Go inside to the other side, Sir" I got inside.

"Second saturday, Sir. We don't work. Come between 10 to 5 on working days".

Fair enough.

On Monday, 16th March 2009, at 10 AM, I was in 3rd floor R…

Election Day Bangalore

Thursday, 23 April 2009 was declared a statutory holiday to enable people to exercise their franchise. As it turns out, Bangalore had an average polling of about 50%. This means, for every person who voted, there was one who did not.

I had voted in the Assembly Elections and was keen to vote in this as well. What constituency did I belong to? It took me some effort to figure this out. The obvious place to find this would have been the Karnataka Election Commission website. But either I didn't know what to look for, or the site was poorly organized. I couldn't figure out my constituency. However, thanks to Jaagore, I gathered that I belonged to Bangalore Central Constituency.

I knew my polling booth, it being a few metres from my apartment. I reached there at 10.30 AM in the morning. I already knew my "Part Number and Serial Number", needing this information for my EPIC (the topic for another post). I still approached the supporters of parties, sitting with t…