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We use Yammer as a collaboration tool at work.

From wikipedia,Like Twitter, it allows users to post updates of their activities, follow others' updates, tag content, and create memes. Unlike Twitter, Yammer focuses on businesses, and only individuals with the same email domain can join a given network

It works faster and better than emails and less annoying too! Try it out!

My Top 5 Firefox Plugins

There is no point in using the vanilla Firefox. It is most effective when we use the right plugins. I have found the following to be most useful.

Adblock Plus - plug-in which blocks annoying ads from websites
NoScript - plug-in which blocks scripts by default and which can be configured to selectively run scripts where appropriate
Webmail Notifier - plug-in which notifies you of new mails in your yahoo, gmail or hotmail mailbox
IE Tab - plug-in which opens page in embedded Internet Explorer inside Firefox. Very useful for IE-specific sites, like my office intranet
PDF Download - plug-in which allows PDF files to be downloaded rather than displayed in the browser

I do use a few other plug-ins (Web Developer, FireBug, All-In-One Sidebar, DownloadHelper), but these are specific to the type of usage you have - if you are a developer, or you want to download videos, and the like.

The Great Dictator

As I was channel surfing this afternoon, I came upon The Great Dictator playing in World Movies TV channel. It is one of my all-time favorites - not just because it is a Charlie comedy, but also, for the way the movie tries to convey the message of peace and harmony.

The movie was released in 1940, during World War II. It is a spoof on Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, the dictators responsible for the war. Chaplin plays a double role - of Hitler and the Hitler-look-a-like barber.

The movie is enjoyable. Do not miss a chance to see it

Non-playing captain

My cousin calls me early this week when I am in a meeting at work.

"Raghu, do you recall our discussions about nine years back on the need for Indian cricket team to have a non-playing captain?"

"I do. I wrote about it as well."

"We were discussing this and I told that this is not a new theory, but something we discussed long back. Do you have this write-up?"

Fortunately, I had this available and here it is...

Maybe it is not so relevant now, but seems amusing to read in light of the debacle of Knight Riders!