Book Review: Heads You Win

My Top 5 Firefox Plugins

There is no point in using the vanilla Firefox. It is most effective when we use the right plugins. I have found the following to be most useful.

Adblock Plus - plug-in which blocks annoying ads from websites
NoScript - plug-in which blocks scripts by default and which can be configured to selectively run scripts where appropriate
Webmail Notifier - plug-in which notifies you of new mails in your yahoo, gmail or hotmail mailbox
IE Tab - plug-in which opens page in embedded Internet Explorer inside Firefox. Very useful for IE-specific sites, like my office intranet
PDF Download - plug-in which allows PDF files to be downloaded rather than displayed in the browser

I do use a few other plug-ins (Web Developer, FireBug, All-In-One Sidebar, DownloadHelper), but these are specific to the type of usage you have - if you are a developer, or you want to download videos, and the like.