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BSNL broadband and DNS servers

My BSNL broadband adventures seem never ending. Last Friday evening, I tried to connect to internet through BSNL broadband at home. The modem flashed the right colors and the modem web console showed everything was A-OK.

But nslookup to any hostname (yahoo, google, gmail) failed with a timeout.

I looked at my modem configuration and got the DNS IP addresses. I could ping to them. I tried to query them and either got time-out or "query rejected"

I waited till Saturday morning. No change in status.

I called up 1504, the customer service number in Bangalore. After the usual wait and retries, got connected to a service personnel. He asked me to do the usual - restart modem, check various entries. I interjected when I had the chance, to tell him that the DNS servers were down.

He asked me for the DNS server entries and when I told him, said no, they were incorrect. He gave me two other IP (which differed from mine in the last digit). I asked how it changed from the morning,…

Upgrading to Fedora 11 from behind the proxy

Fedora 11 was released on June 9 and it was time to upgrade the linux PC at work. This PC had started with Fedora Core 6 (as the installation was called at that time) and I had kept upgrading it, each time Redhat released a newer version. I had written about one such upgrade.

I did not have an install CD, nor did I want to go that way. I wanted to upgrade using yum if that was possible. The official page had this tentative instructions. It appeared that things may not be so rosy.

This and this suggested it was better to go the "preupgrade" way. Earlier preupgrades did not work since the new OS did not show up in the list of OS available for upgrades.

I did the following as instructed.

yum -y update
yum clean all
yum install preupgrade

I switched to run level 3, as one of the instructions said and ran


To my joy, it listed Fedora 11 (Leonidas). So the next step was

preupgrade-cli "Fedora 11 (Leonidas)"

After downloading about 2GB worth of updat…