Book Review: Heads You Win

My dad and K R Market

We had arranged for bhagavathiseva at home this evening. This puja needs a lot of flowers. What better place to get it than K R Market.

Off we set off at 6.20 AM by car. The 13 km journey was covered in 20 min, the only speed reducers being the road humps. Finding a parking was a challenge, preceded by the small stretch where we had to manoeuvre the car through a motley crowd of sellers and buyers.

We had been to KR Market's "flower market" the last time we did this puja, a year or two back. It was nice to be back here. My dad, who lives in Cochin, never ceases to be amazed by the sheer volume of various flowers available here. It was not a question of what to buy, but what not to buy. Flowers of all kinds were being sold by weight. Not easy to get anything less than half a kilogram.

We explored the market and picked up flowers from various vendors. Language was a bit of a problem, since I don't speak good Kannada. I could understand the price quoted though, and most of the vendors could decipher my requirements. Many of them could understand tamil as well.

It was a good 45 min of shopping and we picked up flowers worth about Rs.350/- My dad felt this market was much larger than the Chennai flower market. He also remarked that with this quantity of flowers, they would do three such pujas in Cochin!

We reached home and spread out our wares and were keen to give a narrative of our visit to the not-so-interested better-halves.