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Avatar in Coimbatore

It has been a while since the last blog. What better way to revive it than write about the visit to see the movie Avatar, that too, of all places Coimbatore.

We were in Coimbatore for the long weekend. We had wanted to see Avatar in 3D since its release on Dec 18th. We did not get a chance to catch it in Bangalore - tickets being sold out for weekend shows being one of the reasons!

We got a Sunday afternoon free after some social visits and decided to drive down to Kanakadhara theatre (part of Central Theatre complex). We were in a Kerala registration Honday City (by brother-in-law's). There were 6 of us - 4 crammed into the back seat.

Our car made laborious way through the people exiting the earlier show.

Parking Attendant: "Entha padam?" (Which movie?)
Us: Avatar
Parking Attendant: "Ticket erukkutha?" (Do you have tickets?)
Us: No
Parking Attendant: "House Full - 30thu vare" (It is house full till 30th).
Us: Can we take a U-turn to return?

We made th…