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Masterchef JQuery

Originally submitted at O'Reilly

4out of 5 I was given an advance copy of this video as part of OReilly Blogger review program.Cooking with jQuery is a three hour video presentation made by Mike Hostetler (President, appentTo) and Jonathan Sharp (CEO, appendto) on 20th July 2010, in O'Reilly OSCON (Open Source Convention) in Portland, Oregon. Mike and Jonathan are both members of the jQuery team and have been involved with jQuery for a long time.

The presentations starts with a quick overview of the jQuery syntax, illustrating the shortcut notation of "$", as well as the best practice of declaring the scripts at the bottom of the page. It then moves on to the jQuery selectors. Once you select, then the next thing would be do some operations on the selected elements. The presentations walks through many of the jQuery operations available. The chaining feature - a speciality of jQuery is explained, as is the distinction between find() and filter().

Some of the new j…

Converting a maven project to gradle

Updated:  13 July 2014

With gradle 2.0 released on 1st July 2014, it was time to relook and update this write-up suitably.  gradle is in active development and has evolved a lot.  It is now the new android build tool.

I had tried using Gradle a few months back without much success.

Last week, I decided to give another shot, after seeing that many popular open source projects (hibernatespring security to name two) were using gradle.

I downloaded the latest version as of date (0.9-rc-3). (2.0 as on 13th July 2014).
Installation is straightforward, since it is just extracting the zip file and updating the PATH to refer to the bin folder of the unzipped contents.

gradle -version

ran without errors, indicating that installation went off fine.
Downloading and installing gradle is straight-forward.  Unzip the binaries to a folder of your choice, set GRADLE_HOME to this folder and add the bin subfolder of GRADLE_PATH to your PATH variable.

On Windows, it would be something like below:

set GRA…

What Innovation is Not

The Myths of Innovation (Scott Berkum, Oreilly, ISBN: 978-1-449-38962-8, 228 pages) is an expanded and paper back edition of the hard back book by the same name by the same author.

I got an early copy of the eBook as part of O'Reilly Blogger Review program.

Unlike conventional books on Innovation, in this book, the author tries to expose some of the popular innovation myths.  This, he does by giving a number of examples, incidents and anecdotes.  The point he tries to prove is that there is no substitute for hard work and grind, that innovations don't happen by accident, that anyone can innovate - not just the Newtons and Einsteins of the world.

After he exposes the myths, the author proceeds to give some practical tips on how to innovate.  He says, do not use the term "innovate" - instead solve problems, implement ideas, cure an illness, and so on.  As the Nike slogan, he says Just Do It.

The book is an easy read.  The author has a comfortable style of writing, perh…

On Being ill

I caught a cold last week (or should I say cold caught me)?  

Each time, I tell that I will go to the doctor at the slightest hint of illness.   It does not happen. I think, it is just a little cold. It will go off tomorrow. 

First, there is running nose (not literally, of course)!  Ah, that is good sign - that the cold is coming out through the nose.

Soon there is sore throat.  Surely gargling with hot salt water will take care of it?  Again, a sign of cold coming out of the system?

A mild headache, then sneezin, coughing... Soon it is four days - multiple symptoms, no sign of the cold leaving.  

Avoid head bath, drink hot water, avoid curd...

And then comes the fever.  That is when the decision is made - to visit the doctor.   Usually, half the illness goes once the consultation charges are paid and medicines bought. It is like telling your learning is ineffective unless you pay "guru dakshina".

Looking back at my younger days, I think I fall ill about twice a year - most…

A Nice Experience

Last week, I wanted to renew my Two Wheeler Vehicle Insurance.  Ever since I bought it, Bajaj Allianz is the insurance provider.  I used to renew the policy by going to their office.  The last two years, I had done the renewal online
I had received a couple of SMS as well as calls from Bajaj Allianz reminding me of the impending renewal.

I provided the required information which took me to successive pages, including the payment gateway, ultimately, resulting in a confirmation page.  I took a screenshot of the page for reference. I got an SMS from my credit card provider stating that the online transaction had been processed.  I could not however find the link to download the policy. Nor did I receive any confirmation email.

I waited for a couple of days and then emailed Bajaj Allianz (around 8 PM) using the email proved in their Contact us link.  I really did not expect any response and was prepared to call them the next morning.  Imagine my shock when I received a response in 10 m…

Tiger tiger

"Tiger tiger", cried the Security personnel as he rushed inside Vodafone's Customer Service Center in 100 Ft. Road, Indira Nagar. 

It did not register the first time.

"Tiger tiger" he cried again.

"Oh no!", the Bangalore Traffic Police's towing vehicle is here. 

Why is it called Tiger?  It is because some of the policemen who enforce No Parking rules, ride a two wheeler which have a cover which is a mix of yellow and black stripes - resembling the skin of a tiger! Also, I guess, some of the Towing vehicles sport that color.

Ok, now that we are done with the digression, to get back to the problem at hand.  I rushed to the entrance to see that my two wheeler was one of the first ones to be aboard the towing vehicle, along with a bunch
of others.  The policeman sitting in the front portion of the vehicle said "Jeevan Bhima Nagar" - indicating that this was the place we should go to collect the vehicle (after we paid the fine).

Evidently, …

Upgrading to Fedora 14

Nov 3, 2010:

Fedora 14 released yesterday (2nd Nov) and it was time for another upgrade of my office desktop - from Fedora 13 to Fedora 14.  (I have written about previous upgrades here and here)

From Fedora Core 7 days, I have been using upgrading using yum (perhaps the most adventurous of the upgrade options). 

Following the instructions in the docs, I removed unused/orphaned packages and switched to console mode.

The first instruction - to import the new gpg key failed and for an interesting reason.  The office PC is behind a proxy server and cannot directly get files.  I have configured http_proxy and ftp_proxy variables to the proxy server so that any requests go through the proxy.  What was different here was the request was to an https resource.  One would have thought the proxy variable settings would work for both http and https.  I ended up setting the variable https_proxy to the same proxy server and I could download the gpg keys and import the same.

The next hurdle was th…

Palani - the abode of Lord Muruga

We were in Coimbatore for Diwali.  It was decided to make a visit to Palani to have a darshan of Lord Muruga. Palani is about 110 km from Coimbatore.  The route is on NH209 Coimbatore - Pollachi - Udumalpet - Palani.  We decided to drive down and started from Coimbatore at 6.30 AM.  We found the road to be pretty good, as well as fairly empty in the morning (the morning after Diwali).  It is a two-lane highway with no divider, but well-tarred.  We found just one speed breaker and one unused railway line. 

It is a very scenic route, especially Pollachi to Udumalpet - with dozens of windmills dotting the horizon.  Since we wanted to make good time, we decided to take photos while returning. (As it turned out, this was not a good idea).  Interestingly, only two or three windmills actually rotated - the rest were quite stationary, indicating it was not a windy morning.

We were in Palani by 8.30 AM and proceeded to have breakfast.  Through a known person, a pass was arranged for darshan.  …

Protecting language

According to Bangalore Mirror today, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) had a marathon meeting and decided on a number of steps to "protect the interest of the Kannada film industry... on the verge of collapse and to save it...".  This was apparently triggered by the telecast of a dubbed film in a private Kannada channel.  The film in question?  a 1963 Telugu film "Lava Kusha".

In this connection I cannot help writing about how liberal Kerala is, with respect to other languages, especially, Tamil.  Most Keralites can understand Tamil.  Rajanikanth and other Tamil actors are as popular in Kerala as their Malayalee counterparts. 

More interesting are the TV programs. Most music based  reality shows have "Tamil Song" rounds. Why, some TV channels telecast Tamil movies once a week - without even dubbing them in Malayalam.

One would think that a small State like Kerala, where Malayalam language speakers are limited by the population, would be keen to &q…

Driving to Coimbatore

Driving to Coimbatore from Bangalore is a pleasurable experience thanks to the tolled roads for almost the entire stretch (barring around 30 km).   The tolls will set you back by around Rs.300/- but it is arguably made up for by the car mileage, thanks to being able to drive consistently at 80-100 kmph.

Last month, we started from home in Bangalore around 5 AM and could reach our Coimbatore home by 12.15 PM, traversing 380 km with a break of 45 minutes.  The break was interestingly around 6.15 AM in Adyar Anandha Bhavan before Krishnagiri.

Likewise, we left Coimbatore at 2 PM and were home by 9.15 PM with a similar break, this time at A2B on the opposite side immediately after the Thopur toll.

The "non-tolled" road is after Kumarapalayam and before Coimbatore.

It is easy to keep track of the distance and time thanks to the numerous toll gates that we have to pass through on the way. 

TimeLocationAmount05:17Hosur Down RampRs.3505:33AttibeleRs.2007:28KrishnagiriRs.…

Of customer and service

The water purifier at our home decided to stop working last Saturday.  After we had tried in vain to get it going, we called the customer support.   We were told some one will come around 4 PM.

4 PM came and went and no sign of any one.   No regret call, none to intimate a new time.

We went out on errands and it was close to 9 PM when we came back.  We realized there was no drinking water at home.   We saw our milk supplier, who also supplies drinking water,  as we were climbing up the stairs to our floor.  We asked him if he could supply us water.  He said he had no water cans left but could do so early tomorrow.  Then he saw the expression on our face and asked if it was urgent.  When we said so, he immediately made a few calls.

In two minutes, we had drinking water at home.

I was thus exposed to two different types of customer service.  The water purifier guy should have called us if he could not come as scheduled. The milk supplier need not have taken the trouble to get us water i…

The Flight to Cochin

We decided to fly down to Cochin for navarathri/puja/dussera.  It was an Air India flight from Bangalore, which went to Cochin, with a stopover in Chennai. 

The flight left on schedule at 8.30 AM and was in Chennai in less than an hour.  There was a 45 minute halt in Chennai, where we witnessed first-hand, how the aircraft is cleaned in preparation for the next journey.  We could not alight from the aircraft.

It took off thereafter to Cochin.  When I talked to my mother in the morning, I had heard that it was raining in Cochin.  As it turned 11 AM, the aircraft began to experience turbulence.   The food service had just completed and the trays were almost cleared.  The air hosts (there were two of them in the Economy section), were just wrapping up things, when the turbulence began to increase. 

Turbulence are not uncommon, but this one was too long and sustained.  Considering that we were to land at 11.30 AM and we finally landed at 12.30, I am pretty sure the aircraft went around th…

Remembering paatti

My paatti (grandmother - father's mother) died when I was 11 years old.  She was only 66 years old when she passed away. She had been hospitalized for some ailment and developed some complication.  She died a sumangali since thatha (grandfather) was still alive.

I remember paatti as a short thin woman. She always wore 9 yards (podavai). She was soft-spoken yet firm. Though she had limited education, she was well-versed in scriptures. I believe she knew sanskrit - a language which thatha learnt after her death.

My thatha-paatti always stayed with us, except when they visited their other children.  I feel this was the best that could have happened to us. The things that I learnt - consciously and sub-consciously due to their presence is enormous.

Paatti used to tell us stories from scriptures. She used to constantly read Narayaneeyam and Sundarakandam, besides other shlokas. Mostly she used to read aloud (thatha was louder though).  Thus, our home had very good vibes.

We had a small…

So what is it with Dabangg

I cannot for the world imagine, what makes a movie like Dabangg a superhit.

Is it that we like corrupt cops?
Or cops who cannot dance? 
Or break into a dance when bashing up villains, when their cellphone rings with some peppy ringtone?

What are great actors like Om Puri and Aupam Kher doing in this movie - playing blink and miss roles?

So what is the story about?  Two (real life) brothers, born to different fathers.  Father hates step son and vice versa. Step son becomes cop and is corrupt (why?).   Some female is brainless enough to romance the idle son.  I don't know about you, but I thought Arbaaz Khan looked older than Salman Khan, though in the movie (as in real life), it is the reverse.

Then there is a villain from nowhere, introduced to prolong the agony.  There is a tasteless item number with lurid lyrics - Zandu Balm and so on.  In fact, rather than suing Dabangg, Zandu Balm should exploit the success of the movie - free advertisement if you ask me.

The debutant heroine…

Watching movies in office laptop

We usually like to watch movies in our LCD TV by connecting the laptop to the PC-in socket.  So what is newsworthy?  Thanks to office IT policies, the screensaver kicks in every 5 minutes.  You need to provide the password and unlock it.  It is annoying to make some mouse movements, every other minute to prevent this, especially when you sit away from the laptop.  Since this is a domain configuration, you cannot disable it as well.

It was only the other day that I hit upon a simple solution to the problem - the "Switch User" feature in Windows (XP onwards).  Thanks to Administrator rights on the laptop, you can reset the password of an existing local user (I couldn't add a new Local user - haven't figured out if it was due to access issues).  Now, "Switch" to this user.  Since it is not a "domain user", the security policies (like the screensaver) does not apply.

Why "Switch User" instead of "log out"?  Faster, of course, since…

Internet Explorer 9 Beta

I too joined the bandwagon to enjoy The Beauty of the Web, viz. check out the Internet Explorer 9 beta.  Having checked some initial feedbacks, I thought let me install the 32-bit version of IE9 on my Windows 7 64-bit OS.   The download site indicated I should download the 64-bit, but I went ahead and downloaded the 32-bit version anyway (about 19MB).

I double-clicked on the installer only to receive the message "Wrong version of Internet Explorer installer".  This version of setup doesn't support your Windows system type (32-bit/64-bit).

This meant I had no choice, but to download the 64-bit IE9 beta.  This one was just 2.5MB in size, but as commented elsewhere, it, in turn, made further downloads.

Other than the mandatory restart, the install went off fine.  The good part is, nothing seems to break on IE9.  The new UI takes some time to get used to - without the Status Bar, you wouldn't know if the page is loading or not.  (Status Bar is disabled by default and ne…

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect (Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers, Date of Publication: August 31, 2010, ISBN-13: 978-1-4041-8780-1, Pages: 112) is a new book by Andy Andrews.

Andy Andrews is a well known speak and author.  In The Bufferfly Effect, he has a simple message to convey. Every single thing that you do in your life matters - not just for yourself, but for the whole world.   Each of us is born for a purpose and each of us has the power within us to change the world.

The author narrates the Gettysburg incident, which was arguably one of the turning point in the war between the Union and the Confederates to illustrate the fact how one person's decision influences the destiny of an entire nation.

The author uses a second example of the creator of the hybridized high yield disease resistant corn and wheat to show how even an innocuous action (like going on walks with a person) influences what happens in the life of another, which in turn affects an entire population.

The book is a…

Lessons Learnt from Badmaash Company

Got to watch the Hindi movie Badmaash Company.  Here are a few lessons learnt.  You may want to skip this, in case you plan to watch it, since it has spoilers.

1. Reebok shoes are manufactured in Thailand.  And I thought they were "Made in China".
2. Customs offices in any city in India  (specifically Madras and Cochin) speak Hindi.
3. Customs auction in any city appears in Mumbai papers
4. Going to US to work is as simple as boarding a US-bound flight.
5. Siting in US, you can run a leather importing business with no prior experience.
6. Buyers of leather gloves get buyers of "scrap" defective gloves with no advertisement
7. Banks in US offer loans which keep doubling as the same house changes hands from one owner to anotther

And the best lesson

8. When a shirt loses color, it actually means, it changes to a different color after each wash - seven color for seven wash.  And at the eight wash?  Better ask the script writer of the movie.

The Independence Day weekend

We ended up watching a bunch of movies - some in bits and pieces - over the Independence Day weekend.

The day started with the live telecast of Prime Minister's address in Doordarshan.  Boy, when will we ever get to hear something original, something which above mere rhetoric?

The Tamil film, Thamizh Padam was running in Kalaignar channel, and we joined it, albeit a little late. This is an interesting movie, which is a spoof of multiple Tamil movies.  It is hilarious in parts. 

The same channel ran, Arundhati, the dubbed version of the hit Telugu movie.  It has a nice story line, with some historical stuff thrown in.  It is a visual spectacle, though a little too violent and bloody at times.

Sometime in the middle of this, Sun TV started Peranmai.   I watched it between breaks, and was quite disappointed.  The plot is way too difficult to believe - white people in Indian forest trying to sabotage a rocket launch?  A bunch of spoiled brats suddenly turning patriotic and becoming ex…

Chrome and Developer tools

The last time I tried to install Google Chrome on my office laptop, I had errors running it in the sandbox.  Though it could be run using the -no-sandbox option, Firefox was still preferred.

Recently, I decided to install Chrome on our linux system.  The installers are available in .deb (Debian) and .rpm (Fedora) formats.   Chrome is already  5.x (considering Firefox is just getting to Firefox 4).   It worked great on linux.

Since we had to debug some UI issues, I checked what facilities were available for developers.  That is when I came across the built-in Developer Tools option in Chrome.  This is an impressive feature of Chrome.   While arguably not as good as Firebug Add-On for Firefox, it scored immediately on two fronts.

Comes out of the box - no additional plugin
Reported some errors, which Firebug did not - the most noticable one being, contents outside tag.

Reusable lyrics

Having listened to the Tamil and Hindi versions of the songs of the upcoming movie Enthiran (Tamil)/Robot (Hindi), I have come to the following conclusion.

Lyrics which have no meaning are excellent candidates for reuse. To illustrate the case in point, here are some snippets (from the track title itself).

Arima arima
Kilimanjaro (and in the same song, Mohenjedaro)
Boom Boom Robo Da

One way to achieve it is liberally use English words or proper nouns.

Hmm!  looking at this lyrics page, we can see more such instances...  Neutron, electron... and so on.

Wonder, if  lyricists get paid separately based on the number of languages in which their lyrics are used

Helios - Eclipse 3.6

Helios is the God of the Sun. It is also the codename for the 2010 release of Eclipse, arguably the most popular development environment for java programming language.

As a user of Eclipse for the last six years of so, I did not lose time downloading Helios once it became publicly available.

The first thing that excited me in Helios was the link to Windows 64-bit binary of Eclipse for Java EE Developers.

When I upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit last year, I realized that there was no 64-bit version of Eclipse for Java EE Developers. I had to follow the steps recommended in several websites, - of downloading and unzipping the 64-bit Classic Version of Galileo (3.5.2) and overlaying 32-bit Eclipse for Java EE Developers on top of it. While this worked, I had problems with upgrading some of the plugins that I used.

Due to reasons outlined above, I did not try to migrate from 3.5 to 3.6 and preferred to download a new version.

We use a bunch of different Eclipse plugins in our project and the …

Another marriage trip

"Hi Raghu, how are you doing", starts off Bosky, my recently wed colleague and friend, , 13th May 2010. I ask him about his married life, moving into his new rented place and settling down.

"There is a train ticket to Ernakulam tomorrow - one of our friends has dropped out", says Bosky.

Our friend, Arun, is getting married in Sasthamcotta on Sun, 16th May and Bosky and a few others had planned to attend it. I had no such plans. I had a couple of engagements in Bangalore over the weekend as well.

But a trip to Kerala is tempting, especially if it to Ernakulam and beyond. Why? One word. Parents.

"How about return?", ask I.

"Arun should be arranging that", says Bosky.

I seek a few minutes of time to decide - which includes a call to my wife. Before that, Arun calls to say that he has the return tickets set up by Volvo bus. We discuss, if it made sense for me to board from Kollam or Ernakulam.

It does not take much time for me to decide to embark on …

World Chess Championship

Amidst the IPL and T20 extravaganza, the FIDE World Chess Championship is on. Our very own Viswanathan Anand is pitted against Topalov.

Though I learnt how to play chess thanks to my cousins at a very young age, I am just an average player. I occasionally feel good beating computer in Windows 7 Chess Titan, setting the degree of difficulty to 1 (out of 10!).

Having dispensed with this, let us get down to the championship. I do follow most of the sports and chess is no different. The other day, I got to chat online with S P Suresh, my college senior and friend. He had his IM status referring to the Chess Championship.

During the conversation I realized that there were multiple websites which had live telecast of the championship. Now, don't get me wrong. Unlike other sports, where live telecast means a video broadcast, in case of chess, all you need to have, to follow the game, is the chess board. He being a chess fanatic(?), gave me pointers to multiple sites.

The timi…

Of summer rains, marriage trip and ottayan

It was the marriage of Bosky, our colleague in Koodaranji, near Calicut, in Kerala on 1st May 2010. A week before that three of us (myself, Arun and Raghav) had a telephonic conversation where we decided that we will drive to the marriage venue.

I had limited confidence in my long-distance driving skills. But Arun had done some night driving. Raghav had also done long distance driving. Thus, we had three drivers, including myself. We also had Arun's brother and friend coming with us, making it a five member party.

The original plan was to leave Bangalore around 2 AM. It was meant to be a 7 hour drive to our destination. The marriage being at 11 AM, this gave us 2 hours to get ready for the occasion.

There was another reason for choosing this time. We had to pass through Bandipur forest. The route is closed for vehicular traffic (to permit animal traffic?) between 9 PM and 6 AM.

We had a sync up call on 30th April. Not being regular night owls, we were wary about our abilities…

Paths of Glory

I am a fan of Jeffrey Archer and have read all his books upto the time he went to jail - the last being The Eleventh Commandment. The other day, we picked up a couple of recent Jeffrey Archer books from Sapna Book House, redeeming a gift coupon, which was nearing expiration!

Paths of Glory is the more recent of the two. When you look at the synopsis in the back of the book, it gives you no clues as to what the novel is about. The usual Archer books are about a man or woman making it big after undergoing various hardships over the course of time. This one is similar, yet different

The novel depicts the life and times of George Mallory. Though, a work of fiction, I realize now that it is fairly completely based on the real George Mallory, a famous British mountaineer. The novel portrays George as a fearless person from a young age. He develops a fascination for climbing - mountains, mainly (though there are a couple of instances where he climbs other structures). The novel …

Julia and Julie

I always thought the movie was "Julia and Julia". It was only when the movie started and the title came on that I realized it was Julia and Julie.

The movie is about a working lady, Julie, whose hobby is cooking. She sets a goal to make all the recipes in a book on French cooking by Julia, a famous cookbook writer, in one year, i.e. about 450 odd dishes in 365 days. She is inspired by her husband to set this goal. The movie moves back and forth in time, between Julie's efforts to achieve her goal in the present and how Julia happened to write the cookbook in the past.

What is fascinating about this movie is that, it does not fit into the usual genre of action, thriller, romantic comedy or any such. Yet, it still appeals to the viewer for its sincere portrayal of the characters - both Julia and Julie. Meryl Streep as Julia is at home in her role, especially the French accent. I do not remember any other movie of the heroine who plays Julie, but I thought she was equa…

The Hand of Fate

If you google for "Hand of Fate", you will find find top matches for an American horror film and The Legend of Kyrandia. What I want to write about here is a Triple Threat Novel with this title, authored by Lis Wiehl, with April Henry.

The Hand of Fate is the second Triple Threat Novel, after Face of Betrayal. I have not read Face of Betrayal, but did not see any problems with continuity (unlike the Harry Potter series).

It is a whodunit - thriller book, starting off with the death of Jim Faith, a popular Radio Talk Show in Portland, US, due to inhalation of a poisonous gas. The protagonists are three ladies - Nicole, an FBI agent, Allison, Federal Prosecutor and Cassidy, crime reporter. They are classmates and friends, whose work brings them together to unravel the mystery of the death.

The poisonous gas creates panic in Portland, leading to massive exodus from the affected area. There are suspects aplenty for the crime, since Jim was outspoken and had a no-nonsense…

Puttu kadalai

No self-respecting Malayalee will be ignorant of the traditional Kerala breakfast of puttu and kadalai. P is made of rice powder and coconut and kadalai is the side-dish made from "kadala" (one of the grams). This dish is quite heavy on the stomach and is good if we need a long break before lunch.

Hmm! I googled for some pictures and there are quite some match. This is of them

We occasionally make this at home. It needs a special contraption ("kozhal"), which can be kept atop the cooker or in a special container of its own. These days, branded rice powder specially prepared for this ("puttu podi") are available in shops.

On some lazy weekends, we have this item from a nearby Mallu restaurant, Ruchi. This place is located on the road connecting Vigyan Nagar to Kaggadasapura (not sure about the road name). While we can take parcel of the item and consume it at home, often we prefer to eat there for a couple of reasons - puttu is hot and fresh, and i…

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa

Got to see this Tamil movie yesterday. The title means, Will you cross the skies for me. The movie is much hyped, has had good reviews and apparently is a hit.

Perhaps, it was the hero Simbu or more than that his voice - I could not help feeling irritated by most of the conversations involving him. The character lacked the depth and conviction, notwithstanding the actors' efforts. It was not clear what he was interested about the heroine - was it just physical attraction?

Luckily, the director himself cast heroine as (a year) older than the hero - Trisha looks a little faded and jaded - maybe the role demanded it.

The story is simple and straightforward - hero loves the heroine. Heroine is Christian, hero Hindu - hence family approval (on the girl's side) is a problem. Then it is the usual sequence of events - songs, conversations, dialogues, crying...

The only thing which kept me watching were the songs - A R Rahman has done an awesome job here. The picturization of the…

Voting in BBMP elections

As a responsible social citizen, I decided to vote in the BBMP elections. I had moved to my new residence a year back, but had not got around to change my address in the electoral rolls. Not that I didn't want to do it, but having experienced the difficulties in doing this, I preferred to stick with the current registered address. This meant, I voted for a candidate in a different constituency from where I stayed. This was ok - the important thing was voting.

BBMP elections are probably the most relevant for a Bangalore citizen - since local issues are involved. I did see some campaigning in our neighborhood, strangely, no one turned up in our apartment (to my knowledge). Possibly, this is because, the candidates knew people had moved in recently and hence would not have voting rights in this constituency. Thus, I had no idea who stood for elections in my place.

Now, I needed to find out this information in the ward where I had voting rights. The place to go was Smartvote.…