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Agile India Conference - Day 2

The highlight of Day 2 was undeniably Stop or I will bury you in a box by J. B. (Joe) Rainsberger.

This is what he had to say.

1. Stop writing comments where the code suffices.
What he meant was ensure class/method and variable names are descriptive enough. Modern programming languages do not restrict the size of these.

2. Stop working in codebase with compile errors
Developers have multiple projects opened in their workspace, some of which they don't use, with the IDE showing up several errors/warnings.

3. Stop insisting that writing the tests after is just as good as writing the tests before.
It is observed that developers end up changing the written code, while writing tests, when they find their code is hard to test
Developers end up changing code, when their tests break the functionality.
In short, they spend a longer time, writing code, then tests, during which refactoring written code, while they would have spent less time, if they wrote test first and then code.

4. Stop c…

Agile India Conference Bangalore - Day 1

A few terms that I jotted down from this conference, quoted by various presenters.

Acceptable mortality

Inmates are running the asylum - Alan Kooper

Epistemic arrogance from the book The Black Swan

When are you ready to iterate

Predictability paradox

Cruise - commercial version of Cruisecontrol from ThoughtWorks

Product Demos
Mingle - Project Management Tool
SilverCatalyst - another Agile Project Management Tool

Industrial Logic's eLearning courses - gives feedback - while waiting for the build

Speculative generality

Discovery and delivery goes hand in hand

Product Discovery - the missing phase in agile
-> Understand user
-> Prioritize goals
-> Product concept usability
-> Iterative and incremental software development

Don't confuse output from impact

Goals vs features

Design Comics

Divide development into 3 phases - like chess strategy - opening game, middle game, end game

Trim the tail

What is velocity?
It is the number of story points

Ticket status at Inox

We had been to Garuda Mall over the weekend and thought, why not try to catch a movie. We went up to the top floor where the Inox movies are and saw a long ticket line. We wanted to see what movies were running, when and what was the ticket status for them.

Would you believe it, when we saw this display board right behind the queue? There is no way you can interpret the display except if you can see through people. The board was flashing the movie name, show timings and information like "Sold out" and "Fast filling". But linking them together - ah, that would call for some team work. Like, one person looks at the movie name part of the display, another looks at the time and the third at the ticket status. Agree on a start time, like, say "1 2 3 NOW!". Sync up after one round of the display is complete.

Well, this is more or less what we did. Once we pooled in our collective information, we realized that Avatar was Sold out, so was 3 Idiots, tickets…

Total confusion

How many of you have gone to Total Mall, which has replaced the erstwhile Kemp Fort on (old?) Airport Road? I have visited a few times, including yesterday.

Parking has always been a challenge inside Kemp Fort and nothing changes because it has become Total now. Also, considering the traffic and the rules on U-turn in Airport, we try to park on the bye-lanes in the opposite side of Total. Looks like we are not the only ones who think this way - the bye lanes were overflowing with cars (including the additional cars of those staying in Salarpuria Splendor and the taxis). Cops were hanging around awaiting the chance to collect fines for illegal parking.

Well! anyway, the idea was not to talk about the Parking woes.

Our objective was to go to the Grocery section of Total Mall to pick up some items. Now, this is located in Level 2. From Level 0, we could take an escalator to Level 1. But the escalator from Level 1 leads us to Level 3. We realized, we needed to traverse the entir…

An evening of movies

New Year day - holiday to boot. Channel surfing in the evening brought us to Star Movies, where The Recruit was playing. I had seen this earlier, but did not remember it too well. This is an interesting movie, as any Al Pacino movie is. Colin Farell does a good job in it, as well. The movie is all about CIA, the Agency, agents, and double-agents. It is good to have sub-titles, especially since I usually don't understand what Al Pacino says, at times!

This was followed by Quantum of Solace. I had not seen this James Bond movie - the second by Daniel Craig (after Casino Royale). It is the usual James Bond stuff - stunning action, visuals, chases...

Finally it was Pink Panther 2 - again, the first time I was seeing it. It had had publicity in India, thanks to the presence of Aishwarya Rai.

I love the first Pink Panther by Steve Martin. We usually watch it, each time it comes on TV. But I must confess Pink Panther 2 was a disappointment. The jokes were contrived and stale…

La Jawaab lunch

The first event in new year was a lunar eclipse. Not sure where it was visible or the type of eclipse (partial or total). Fortunately, none of our stars were affected by it. What it mean though, was a bath before coffee or any food. (It is a different matter that the New Year cake was consumed probably minutes before the eclipse)

As if that was not enough, there was religious event - thiruvathirai. (Hmm! a quick google does not give much info on what this festival is all about - I did see this link for the Malayalee celebration, not the tambram one.) This is observed by making a delicious sweet item called "kali" - sweet uppuma and to accompany it a couple of dishes with all kinds of vegetables. This was consumed for breakfast.

Just as we were wondering about lunch, that my bil (brother-in-law) suggests lunch at Lajawaab. We had never been to the place and hence were game.

Being a week day, there was buffet lunch (Rs.249/- + tax). We were rather late in arriving - abo…

Ushering in the new decade

New Year eve of 2010 was quite different. We were having a get together in our new apartment, in Chitrakut Environs, where we had moved in March 2009. Families had moved in at various time of the year. We had had a couple of meetings to get to know each other, but nothing like a New Year eve to have a get together.

Kudos to a bunch of enthusiastic apartment-mates, who put together a wonderful program - of dinner, games, cake-cutting and crackers!

The event started with dinner at 8.30 PM on a cold and damp evening. It had rained from 4.30 to 8 PM, ruining the plans to serve dinner in the open space before the Party Hall in our apartment terrace. So, it had to be within the Hall itself. Domlur Shanti Sagar were the caterers and the food was good. There was an exclusive non-veg section, of course, not provided by Shanti Sagar (a strict vegeterian hotel chain). This item, interestingly was served in an eco-friendly container made of leaf (which made it look like temple prasadam).


Refusing to move on to 2010

I get up on the morning of the 1st day of the new decade - 2010 to see that the clock in our bedroom is stuck at 11.31 PM (see left). Looks like it does not want to move on!

C0incidence? Or is there a message in this, for us?