Agile India Conference Bangalore - Day 1

A few terms that I jotted down from this conference, quoted by various presenters.

Acceptable mortality

Inmates are running the asylum - Alan Kooper

Epistemic arrogance from the book The Black Swan

When are you ready to iterate

Predictability paradox

Cruise - commercial version of Cruisecontrol from ThoughtWorks

Product Demos
Mingle - Project Management Tool
SilverCatalyst - another Agile Project Management Tool

Industrial Logic's eLearning courses - gives feedback - while waiting for the build

Speculative generality

Discovery and delivery goes hand in hand

Product Discovery - the missing phase in agile
-> Understand user
-> Prioritize goals
-> Product concept usability
-> Iterative and incremental software development

Don't confuse output from impact

Goals vs features

Design Comics

Divide development into 3 phases - like chess strategy - opening game, middle game, end game

Trim the tail

What is velocity?
It is the number of story points
What does this denote?
Productivity? What if a story is half-complete in one iteration and completed in the next. We drop the story points in the first iteration and count it in the next. In this respect, aren't we not associating value to velocity? But velocity is not value, since 20 points in one iteration would have a different business value from 20 points in another.