An evening of movies

New Year day - holiday to boot. Channel surfing in the evening brought us to Star Movies, where The Recruit was playing. I had seen this earlier, but did not remember it too well. This is an interesting movie, as any Al Pacino movie is. Colin Farell does a good job in it, as well. The movie is all about CIA, the Agency, agents, and double-agents. It is good to have sub-titles, especially since I usually don't understand what Al Pacino says, at times!

This was followed by Quantum of Solace. I had not seen this James Bond movie - the second by Daniel Craig (after Casino Royale). It is the usual James Bond stuff - stunning action, visuals, chases...

Finally it was Pink Panther 2 - again, the first time I was seeing it. It had had publicity in India, thanks to the presence of Aishwarya Rai.

I love the first Pink Panther by Steve Martin. We usually watch it, each time it comes on TV. But I must confess Pink Panther 2 was a disappointment. The jokes were contrived and stale.
Kevin Kline is much better as Drefus than John Cleese.

Aish had a better role than Mallika Sherawat in the Medalion. But nothing to write home about.

All in all, a new year day of movies!