La Jawaab lunch

The first event in new year was a lunar eclipse. Not sure where it was visible or the type of eclipse (partial or total). Fortunately, none of our stars were affected by it. What it mean though, was a bath before coffee or any food. (It is a different matter that the New Year cake was consumed probably minutes before the eclipse)

As if that was not enough, there was religious event - thiruvathirai. (Hmm! a quick google does not give much info on what this festival is all about - I did see this link for the Malayalee celebration, not the tambram one.) This is observed by making a delicious sweet item called "kali" - sweet uppuma and to accompany it a couple of dishes with all kinds of vegetables. This was consumed for breakfast.

Just as we were wondering about lunch, that my bil (brother-in-law) suggests lunch at Lajawaab. We had never been to the place and hence were game.

Being a week day, there was buffet lunch (Rs.249/- + tax). We were rather late in arriving - about 2 PM, but the place was still crowded. In fact, though we got seats, we found a few people waiting for seats, as well.

Being a vegetarian, I cannot comment on the non-veg items. The buffet was good - not great! The usual soup, a couple of veg starters, a salad bar with four types of salads. Rotis were brought to the table. There were four side-dishes (sabjis, if you may).

Desert was not too impressive - semiya payasam, cake, ice cream and fruit salad.

Items were getting over and getting refilled - perhaps due to the late time.

Our 13 month old niece was in a cranky mood, which meant, we took turns to take her out.

The ambience is good, though I felt the seats were way too deep and I had to lean forward to reach the table and the plate.