Ticket status at Inox

We had been to Garuda Mall over the weekend and thought, why not try to catch a movie. We went up to the top floor where the Inox movies are and saw a long ticket line. We wanted to see what movies were running, when and what was the ticket status for them.

Would you believe it, when we saw this display board right behind the queue? There is no way you can interpret the display except if you can see through people. The board was flashing the movie name, show timings and information like "Sold out" and "Fast filling". But linking them together - ah, that would call for some team work. Like, one person looks at the movie name part of the display, another looks at the time and the third at the ticket status. Agree on a start time, like, say "1 2 3 NOW!". Sync up after one round of the display is complete.

Well, this is more or less what we did. Once we pooled in our collective information, we realized that Avatar was Sold out, so was 3 Idiots, tickets were being issued for 8.40 PM and 9.15 PM shows (when the current time was 1 PM), there was also an Advance booking happening for some shows. Tickets were available for 5.00 show for Aayirathil Oruvan and a Telugu movie.

Creditable effort, I must say and I am sure, those who have tried to elicit this information here will agree with me.

So what is it about usability that we never get? Information is either non-existent or well concealed - whether it is the Exits in Total Mall or now the ticket information in the theatre. If I start writing about the inconsistent way we disseminate information, especially the road signs, then I will be late for office today.