Total confusion

How many of you have gone to Total Mall, which has replaced the erstwhile Kemp Fort on (old?) Airport Road? I have visited a few times, including yesterday.

Parking has always been a challenge inside Kemp Fort and nothing changes because it has become Total now. Also, considering the traffic and the rules on U-turn in Airport, we try to park on the bye-lanes in the opposite side of Total. Looks like we are not the only ones who think this way - the bye lanes were overflowing with cars (including the additional cars of those staying in Salarpuria Splendor and the taxis). Cops were hanging around awaiting the chance to collect fines for illegal parking.

Well! anyway, the idea was not to talk about the Parking woes.

Our objective was to go to the Grocery section of Total Mall to pick up some items. Now, this is located in Level 2. From Level 0, we could take an escalator to Level 1. But the escalator from Level 1 leads us to Level 3. We realized, we needed to traverse the entire length of shopping area in Level 3, to take the slanting escalator down to Level 2.

Perhaps, there is a different way to get to Level 1. What is for sure, is the lack of sign boards, indicating where you are, and how to get elsewhere.

Total Mall boasts of Midnight Shopping. The last time, we had gone with relatives, late in the evening (9 PM), I had this sudden thought about how to come out of the building, in case of an emergency. You will observe a total (sic) absence of Exit signs, anywhere in the premise.

Perhaps, the objective is to force you to look at other shopping areas, before you get to the Grocery section. But that should not be at the cost of the safety of people and nuisance value.