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The Sabarimala trip

Kannan, my Bombay cousin makes annual pilgrimage to Sabarimala, mostly during the month of Feb. I had last visited the shrine close to ten years back. This year, I decided to join him and his group. The temple opens each month (during the beginning of the Malayalam month) for 4-5 days. We planned to reach Sabarimala on 13th evening and depart on 14th morning. While most of the group members were from Bombay, there were two of us from Bangalore and another from Madras.

(Yeah, I know, Madras is Chennai and Bombay is Mumbai - people with sentiments around this can skip this and move on)

The dates had been decided and the tickets booked well in advance. The return was quite tight, expecting us to be back in Ernakulam latest by 4 PM. We had a 5 PM train to catch and the Bombay group had the 7 PM flight.

We departed from Ernakulam after kettunira by 10 AM on 13th. There were 20 of us and we were in a 29 seater vehicle. Whether it was the traffic or the route or the vehicle or t…

The Trichy trip

When an ex-colleague said she was getting married in Trichy, it was an opportunity to revisit the place, where I had studied 13 years back (13 years - boy, I *am* old). Train tickets from Bangalore are hard to come by - too many IT guys from Trichy in Bangalore, I guess. Tickets for 17th Feb was booked on 1st Dec, by Gayathri, another colleague of mine.

We discovered that this train (Mysore - Mayiladuthurai) stopped at a station called Karmelaram, off Sarjapur Rd. I had never heard of this station until my colleague. Googling led us to believe it was about 6 km from our office. It made sense to board from here than beat the traffic during peak hours to Cantt or Cifty. But there was a hitch. Our tickets were booked from City. What if TTE found us missing and allotted our seats to others? So, my colleague got her husband, Praveen to board from City.

The auto guy charged us Rs.30/- "over the meter" to take us to the Station. (Bangalore autos have become as bad as Ch…