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Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa

Got to see this Tamil movie yesterday. The title means, Will you cross the skies for me. The movie is much hyped, has had good reviews and apparently is a hit.

Perhaps, it was the hero Simbu or more than that his voice - I could not help feeling irritated by most of the conversations involving him. The character lacked the depth and conviction, notwithstanding the actors' efforts. It was not clear what he was interested about the heroine - was it just physical attraction?

Luckily, the director himself cast heroine as (a year) older than the hero - Trisha looks a little faded and jaded - maybe the role demanded it.

The story is simple and straightforward - hero loves the heroine. Heroine is Christian, hero Hindu - hence family approval (on the girl's side) is a problem. Then it is the usual sequence of events - songs, conversations, dialogues, crying...

The only thing which kept me watching were the songs - A R Rahman has done an awesome job here. The picturization of the…

Voting in BBMP elections

As a responsible social citizen, I decided to vote in the BBMP elections. I had moved to my new residence a year back, but had not got around to change my address in the electoral rolls. Not that I didn't want to do it, but having experienced the difficulties in doing this, I preferred to stick with the current registered address. This meant, I voted for a candidate in a different constituency from where I stayed. This was ok - the important thing was voting.

BBMP elections are probably the most relevant for a Bangalore citizen - since local issues are involved. I did see some campaigning in our neighborhood, strangely, no one turned up in our apartment (to my knowledge). Possibly, this is because, the candidates knew people had moved in recently and hence would not have voting rights in this constituency. Thus, I had no idea who stood for elections in my place.

Now, I needed to find out this information in the ward where I had voting rights. The place to go was Smartvote.…

The Greatest Reality Show

I see a great market opportunity for a Reality Show. It is not a time-boxed serial like Big Boss or Swayamvar or such. This is a never-ending one. This is packed with comedy, action, suspense - you name it, we have it.

This can cater to multiple market segments - the old, the young, the women, especially the housewives and the jobless. This is a fairly mature show, so perhaps kids need adult supervision. However, kids can learn a thing or two from this.

The show will have occasional breaks, in case you get too addicted to it.

Boy, the advertisement prospect for the show looks wonderful. Some of them that I can think of are durable furniture, health drinks, throat sootheners, footwear and clothes.

By now, you must be getting the drift. Yes, I am referring to our Parliament proceedings - both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. What a wonderful business opportunity is slipping by, as we watch Bills getting teared, something thrown at Vice President, Marshalls evicting protesting MPs, the …

BSNL woes again

My brother emails me from Cochin saying my Bangalore landline (BSNL) is dead and asks me to book a complaint.

My number does occasionally fall ill. I think, let me log a complaint. Ok, what is the number to dial? Not one to remember this, I visit Bangalore telecom website. I see the link Bfone complaints. I remember having logged a complaint earlier through this and so I decide, why not again?

This page shows me two links...

* Book a complaint on faulty landline
* Get status of booked complaint

I'm smart enough to click on the first option. What do I get?

Wow! what do you know? You have a problem? Register for IPTV!

If you thought this is just a red herring and it is indeed an online complaint link, you are mistaken. I entered the phone number and clicked on "Book IPTV" and it took me to another "Registration page" with all the conditions.

Ok, let me call and register the complaint. How do I find the complaint numbers?

Contact us seemed to be a good place to …