BSNL woes again

My brother emails me from Cochin saying my Bangalore landline (BSNL) is dead and asks me to book a complaint.

My number does occasionally fall ill. I think, let me log a complaint. Ok, what is the number to dial? Not one to remember this, I visit Bangalore telecom website. I see the link Bfone complaints. I remember having logged a complaint earlier through this and so I decide, why not again?

This page shows me two links...

* Book a complaint on faulty landline
* Get status of booked complaint

I'm smart enough to click on the first option. What do I get?

Wow! what do you know? You have a problem? Register for IPTV!

If you thought this is just a red herring and it is indeed an online complaint link, you are mistaken. I entered the phone number and clicked on "Book IPTV" and it took me to another "Registration page" with all the conditions.

Ok, let me call and register the complaint. How do I find the complaint numbers?

Contact us seemed to be a good place to start. I see this section

Great. What is the number to be dialled? I know the XXXX, but the rest? What is the number of the "Central Fault Reporting Service"?

I remember somehow about the number "198" (not sure why). I try it and it says the number is invalid. No wonder - our office phone is a Reliance number. Thus, the same issue with "1500". Another brainwave and I think the number must be "2198", and try my 4-digit number + 2198.

Eureka! I reach an IVRS, where I chose the English option. Now I am asked to enter the 8 digit phone number. I enter this. IVRS repeats the number, but with a mistake, and it allows me to re-enter. I try re-entering and again there is a mistake. I do this three-four times - each time, the IVRS gets a number different from what I enter. Amazing, but true!

All these pursuits have taken about 20 minutes of my time and I cry a halt.

After a few hours, I casually dial my home number and it rings! However, the conversation is cut off in a minute. This happens one more time.

I finally come home. The phone is still dead. I now try from my cell. Wonder of wonders. The IVRS gets my number right this time. The complaint is booked.

Now to see when this will get redressed.

Thanks to Tata Photon, I am able to check the Status of booked complaint and write this one.


Book a complaint link was fixed a couple of days after I posted this.
My phone was fixed on Wednesday, the day after Ugadi. As it turned out, it was not a problem on my phone, but in our area.