The Greatest Reality Show

I see a great market opportunity for a Reality Show. It is not a time-boxed serial like Big Boss or Swayamvar or such. This is a never-ending one. This is packed with comedy, action, suspense - you name it, we have it.

This can cater to multiple market segments - the old, the young, the women, especially the housewives and the jobless. This is a fairly mature show, so perhaps kids need adult supervision. However, kids can learn a thing or two from this.

The show will have occasional breaks, in case you get too addicted to it.

Boy, the advertisement prospect for the show looks wonderful. Some of them that I can think of are durable furniture, health drinks, throat sootheners, footwear and clothes.

By now, you must be getting the drift. Yes, I am referring to our Parliament proceedings - both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. What a wonderful business opportunity is slipping by, as we watch Bills getting teared, something thrown at Vice President, Marshalls evicting protesting MPs, the shouting and yelling, the jumping up on table - mouthwatering...

We will have live telecast, delayed broadcast, as well as highlights. The rights for this will need to be bid and bought.

Did I mention that to increase the viewership, we would need to install more cameras and microphones. Whether we need a Third Umpire to decide on some finer aspects needs to be debated.

Children can learn, from live action, in their "civics" classes, how are walk-outs staged, how to register protest against a bill or government action.

Bollywood will get "original" ideas for their movies from them.

Ah, I pity cricket and IPL and the other serials - their viewership will go for a toss.

Perhaps, our celebrities have already got the drift, since we see many of them in politics, vying to get into our legislatures.

Most of the supporting infrastructure for this are already in place - we have experts in all TV channels for discussions. The press has been writing about this for a while now. What is missing is the marketing.

Ok, I now need to patent this idea, before someone beats me to it.