Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa

Got to see this Tamil movie yesterday. The title means, Will you cross the skies for me. The movie is much hyped, has had good reviews and apparently is a hit.

Perhaps, it was the hero Simbu or more than that his voice - I could not help feeling irritated by most of the conversations involving him. The character lacked the depth and conviction, notwithstanding the actors' efforts. It was not clear what he was interested about the heroine - was it just physical attraction?

Luckily, the director himself cast heroine as (a year) older than the hero - Trisha looks a little faded and jaded - maybe the role demanded it.

The story is simple and straightforward - hero loves the heroine. Heroine is Christian, hero Hindu - hence family approval (on the girl's side) is a problem. Then it is the usual sequence of events - songs, conversations, dialogues, crying...

The only thing which kept me watching were the songs - A R Rahman has done an awesome job here. The picturization of the movie is good too - ranging from Alleppey to Goa to some foreign locales (including New York). In places, the movie is slick, but sometimes it is contrived - especially the hero breaking into English swear words once in a while.

It was a little too long for my comfort. Watch it the IPL matches get boring...