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Paths of Glory

I am a fan of Jeffrey Archer and have read all his books upto the time he went to jail - the last being The Eleventh Commandment. The other day, we picked up a couple of recent Jeffrey Archer books from Sapna Book House, redeeming a gift coupon, which was nearing expiration!

Paths of Glory is the more recent of the two. When you look at the synopsis in the back of the book, it gives you no clues as to what the novel is about. The usual Archer books are about a man or woman making it big after undergoing various hardships over the course of time. This one is similar, yet different

The novel depicts the life and times of George Mallory. Though, a work of fiction, I realize now that it is fairly completely based on the real George Mallory, a famous British mountaineer. The novel portrays George as a fearless person from a young age. He develops a fascination for climbing - mountains, mainly (though there are a couple of instances where he climbs other structures). The novel …

Julia and Julie

I always thought the movie was "Julia and Julia". It was only when the movie started and the title came on that I realized it was Julia and Julie.

The movie is about a working lady, Julie, whose hobby is cooking. She sets a goal to make all the recipes in a book on French cooking by Julia, a famous cookbook writer, in one year, i.e. about 450 odd dishes in 365 days. She is inspired by her husband to set this goal. The movie moves back and forth in time, between Julie's efforts to achieve her goal in the present and how Julia happened to write the cookbook in the past.

What is fascinating about this movie is that, it does not fit into the usual genre of action, thriller, romantic comedy or any such. Yet, it still appeals to the viewer for its sincere portrayal of the characters - both Julia and Julie. Meryl Streep as Julia is at home in her role, especially the French accent. I do not remember any other movie of the heroine who plays Julie, but I thought she was equa…

The Hand of Fate

If you google for "Hand of Fate", you will find find top matches for an American horror film and The Legend of Kyrandia. What I want to write about here is a Triple Threat Novel with this title, authored by Lis Wiehl, with April Henry.

The Hand of Fate is the second Triple Threat Novel, after Face of Betrayal. I have not read Face of Betrayal, but did not see any problems with continuity (unlike the Harry Potter series).

It is a whodunit - thriller book, starting off with the death of Jim Faith, a popular Radio Talk Show in Portland, US, due to inhalation of a poisonous gas. The protagonists are three ladies - Nicole, an FBI agent, Allison, Federal Prosecutor and Cassidy, crime reporter. They are classmates and friends, whose work brings them together to unravel the mystery of the death.

The poisonous gas creates panic in Portland, leading to massive exodus from the affected area. There are suspects aplenty for the crime, since Jim was outspoken and had a no-nonsense…

Puttu kadalai

No self-respecting Malayalee will be ignorant of the traditional Kerala breakfast of puttu and kadalai. P is made of rice powder and coconut and kadalai is the side-dish made from "kadala" (one of the grams). This dish is quite heavy on the stomach and is good if we need a long break before lunch.

Hmm! I googled for some pictures and there are quite some match. This is of them

We occasionally make this at home. It needs a special contraption ("kozhal"), which can be kept atop the cooker or in a special container of its own. These days, branded rice powder specially prepared for this ("puttu podi") are available in shops.

On some lazy weekends, we have this item from a nearby Mallu restaurant, Ruchi. This place is located on the road connecting Vigyan Nagar to Kaggadasapura (not sure about the road name). While we can take parcel of the item and consume it at home, often we prefer to eat there for a couple of reasons - puttu is hot and fresh, and i…