Julia and Julie

I always thought the movie was "Julia and Julia". It was only when the movie started and the title came on that I realized it was Julia and Julie.

The movie is about a working lady, Julie, whose hobby is cooking. She sets a goal to make all the recipes in a book on French cooking by Julia, a famous cookbook writer, in one year, i.e. about 450 odd dishes in 365 days. She is inspired by her husband to set this goal. The movie moves back and forth in time, between Julie's efforts to achieve her goal in the present and how Julia happened to write the cookbook in the past.

What is fascinating about this movie is that, it does not fit into the usual genre of action, thriller, romantic comedy or any such. Yet, it still appeals to the viewer for its sincere portrayal of the characters - both Julia and Julie. Meryl Streep as Julia is at home in her role, especially the French accent. I do not remember any other movie of the heroine who plays Julie, but I thought she was equally good in her role.

It is a light feel-good movie and is a good one for a rainy weekend.