Paths of Glory

I am a fan of Jeffrey Archer and have read all his books upto the time he went to jail - the last being The Eleventh Commandment. The other day, we picked up a couple of recent Jeffrey Archer books from Sapna Book House, redeeming a gift coupon, which was nearing expiration!

Paths of Glory is the more recent of the two. When you look at the synopsis in the back of the book, it gives you no clues as to what the novel is about. The usual Archer books are about a man or woman making it big after undergoing various hardships over the course of time. This one is similar, yet different

The novel depicts the life and times of George Mallory. Though, a work of fiction, I realize now that it is fairly completely based on the real George Mallory, a famous British mountaineer. The novel portrays George as a fearless person from a young age. He develops a fascination for climbing - mountains, mainly (though there are a couple of instances where he climbs other structures). The novel covers his normal life as person, who has his education, falls in love and gets married, as also his other life as a mountaineer. Inspired by the unsuccessful South Pole expedition, he wishes to climb Mt.Everest. Whether he succeeds or not, forms the rest of the story.

Archer has a style of writing, which is very easy to read - perhaps the British English. The novel moves at a good pace, and an element of suspense is maintained throughout. The characters are well etched as is the world during the period of the novel, which is in the early 1900s. There are references to India, when the expedition lands in Bombay and travels to Tibet. Not surprisingly, India is portrayed as a poor country of slaves of the British.

A good weekend read


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