Puttu kadalai

No self-respecting Malayalee will be ignorant of the traditional Kerala breakfast of puttu and kadalai. P is made of rice powder and coconut and kadalai is the side-dish made from "kadala" (one of the grams). This dish is quite heavy on the stomach and is good if we need a long break before lunch.

Hmm! I googled for some pictures and there are quite some match. This is of them

We occasionally make this at home. It needs a special contraption ("kozhal"), which can be kept atop the cooker or in a special container of its own. These days, branded rice powder specially prepared for this ("puttu podi") are available in shops.

On some lazy weekends, we have this item from a nearby Mallu restaurant, Ruchi. This place is located on the road connecting Vigyan Nagar to Kaggadasapura (not sure about the road name). While we can take parcel of the item and consume it at home, often we prefer to eat there for a couple of reasons - puttu is hot and fresh, and if you run out of kadala, you get a free refill! More than either, there is the tea, which is quite special there - somehow, it does not match, what we prepare at home.

The other day, we went to an Anjaneya (Hanuman) temple and then went to Ruchi for this delicacy. This reminded me of my days in REC (now NIT) Trichy. On weekends, we would go for a movie in one of the theatres (Sippy, Maris, hmm! I'm unable to remember more names), then climb up Rock Fort and after the temple trip, visit "The Great Raghunath" or "Vasanth Bhavan" for dinner!