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Another marriage trip

"Hi Raghu, how are you doing", starts off Bosky, my recently wed colleague and friend, , 13th May 2010. I ask him about his married life, moving into his new rented place and settling down.

"There is a train ticket to Ernakulam tomorrow - one of our friends has dropped out", says Bosky.

Our friend, Arun, is getting married in Sasthamcotta on Sun, 16th May and Bosky and a few others had planned to attend it. I had no such plans. I had a couple of engagements in Bangalore over the weekend as well.

But a trip to Kerala is tempting, especially if it to Ernakulam and beyond. Why? One word. Parents.

"How about return?", ask I.

"Arun should be arranging that", says Bosky.

I seek a few minutes of time to decide - which includes a call to my wife. Before that, Arun calls to say that he has the return tickets set up by Volvo bus. We discuss, if it made sense for me to board from Kollam or Ernakulam.

It does not take much time for me to decide to embark on …

World Chess Championship

Amidst the IPL and T20 extravaganza, the FIDE World Chess Championship is on. Our very own Viswanathan Anand is pitted against Topalov.

Though I learnt how to play chess thanks to my cousins at a very young age, I am just an average player. I occasionally feel good beating computer in Windows 7 Chess Titan, setting the degree of difficulty to 1 (out of 10!).

Having dispensed with this, let us get down to the championship. I do follow most of the sports and chess is no different. The other day, I got to chat online with S P Suresh, my college senior and friend. He had his IM status referring to the Chess Championship.

During the conversation I realized that there were multiple websites which had live telecast of the championship. Now, don't get me wrong. Unlike other sports, where live telecast means a video broadcast, in case of chess, all you need to have, to follow the game, is the chess board. He being a chess fanatic(?), gave me pointers to multiple sites.

The timi…

Of summer rains, marriage trip and ottayan

It was the marriage of Bosky, our colleague in Koodaranji, near Calicut, in Kerala on 1st May 2010. A week before that three of us (myself, Arun and Raghav) had a telephonic conversation where we decided that we will drive to the marriage venue.

I had limited confidence in my long-distance driving skills. But Arun had done some night driving. Raghav had also done long distance driving. Thus, we had three drivers, including myself. We also had Arun's brother and friend coming with us, making it a five member party.

The original plan was to leave Bangalore around 2 AM. It was meant to be a 7 hour drive to our destination. The marriage being at 11 AM, this gave us 2 hours to get ready for the occasion.

There was another reason for choosing this time. We had to pass through Bandipur forest. The route is closed for vehicular traffic (to permit animal traffic?) between 9 PM and 6 AM.

We had a sync up call on 30th April. Not being regular night owls, we were wary about our abilities…