Chrome and Developer tools

The last time I tried to install Google Chrome on my office laptop, I had errors running it in the sandbox.  Though it could be run using the -no-sandbox option, Firefox was still preferred.

Recently, I decided to install Chrome on our linux system.  The installers are available in .deb (Debian) and .rpm (Fedora) formats.   Chrome is already  5.x (considering Firefox is just getting to Firefox 4).   It worked great on linux.

Since we had to debug some UI issues, I checked what facilities were available for developers.  That is when I came across the built-in Developer Tools option in Chrome.  This is an impressive feature of Chrome.   While arguably not as good as Firebug Add-On for Firefox, it scored immediately on two fronts.

Comes out of the box - no additional plugin
Reported some errors, which Firebug did not - the most noticable one being, contents outside tag.