The Independence Day weekend

We ended up watching a bunch of movies - some in bits and pieces - over the Independence Day weekend.

The day started with the live telecast of Prime Minister's address in Doordarshan.  Boy, when will we ever get to hear something original, something which above mere rhetoric?

The Tamil film, Thamizh Padam was running in Kalaignar channel, and we joined it, albeit a little late. This is an interesting movie, which is a spoof of multiple Tamil movies.  It is hilarious in parts. 

The same channel ran, Arundhati, the dubbed version of the hit Telugu movie.  It has a nice story line, with some historical stuff thrown in.  It is a visual spectacle, though a little too violent and bloody at times.

Sometime in the middle of this, Sun TV started Peranmai.   I watched it between breaks, and was quite disappointed.  The plot is way too difficult to believe - white people in Indian forest trying to sabotage a rocket launch?  A bunch of spoiled brats suddenly turning patriotic and becoming experts at using weapons.

All this till it was 9 PM, when HBO started The Taking of Pelham 123 - a nice way to end the day.  I am fond of John Travolto's movie and this was no different.  Denzil Washington provided an excellent foil to him.