Lessons Learnt from Badmaash Company

Got to watch the Hindi movie Badmaash Company.  Here are a few lessons learnt.  You may want to skip this, in case you plan to watch it, since it has spoilers.

1. Reebok shoes are manufactured in Thailand.  And I thought they were "Made in China".
2. Customs offices in any city in India  (specifically Madras and Cochin) speak Hindi.
3. Customs auction in any city appears in Mumbai papers
4. Going to US to work is as simple as boarding a US-bound flight.
5. Siting in US, you can run a leather importing business with no prior experience.
6. Buyers of leather gloves get buyers of "scrap" defective gloves with no advertisement
7. Banks in US offer loans which keep doubling as the same house changes hands from one owner to anotther

And the best lesson

8. When a shirt loses color, it actually means, it changes to a different color after each wash - seven color for seven wash.  And at the eight wash?  Better ask the script writer of the movie.